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Hello and welcome to Yellow Class!

Yellow Class is the first primary class and we support children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 age groups (EYFS and Key Stage 1).

In Yellow Class we lay the foundations that are built on throughout the school. We focus on exploring different forms of functional communication for each child and creating a wide range of opportunities for them to start to increase their independence and problem solving skills.  We also begin work around emotional regulation and being part of a community too!

"In Yellow Class we lay the foundations that are built on throughout the school"

Throughout their time in Yellow Class, we encourage children to be part of a group and be fully immersed in a wide range of interactive and developmentally appropriate activities throughout each week.  Some of these activities include: swimming, cooking, PE and Attention Autism sessions.

During their time in Yellow Class, children begin to complete small class based jobs, often with adult support,  to help develop a sense of purpose, belonging and community within our classroom. We attend assemblies each week and eat in the hall so the pupils experience and become part of the wider school as a whole too. We also go on weekly trips into our local community; these include visits to different local shops, parks and walks, journeys to the seaside and looking around different museums.

Take a look at our autumn term gallery yo see what we have been up to:

 Below is a copy of our 'Class Learning Overview' for our most recent 'The Seasons' topic:

Yellow Class 'The Seasons' Topic Information

We have created a 'Home Learning Support Sheet' for anyone in class who needs to access learning away from school at this time. On the sheet you will find activity ideas and links covering each of the school curriculum areas. For further support or information please contact Becky or Valentina in the first instance. 

Yellow Class Home Learning Support

All the adults in Yellow Class are missing you all lots and have recorded this video to say hello!

Yellow Class have shared a couple of cooking recipes / instruction sheets that they think might be fun to try at home. More recipes can be found on our 'Learning from Home Support' page.

Cheese Straws Recipe

Sandwich Making Instructions

Below you will find two stories from Valentina, the class teacher which she hopes the children at home will enjoy!