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This is a new list that the school will be adding to regularly. Please check back for more content and updates.

Latest Information

  • Complex Needs nurse at Just One Number

Complex Needs nurse at Just One Number

  • Useful resources for parents 'Norfolk Steps for Families - resources and links.

Norfolk Steps For Families Resources

  • Please find some information about the help with the cost of school Uniforms.

Anguish's Educational Foundation

  • Please find some information about the latest Eastern Daily Press campaign to win Lego for school.

EDP Tokens Campaign

  •  Please find some information concerning Community Fridges in our local area.

Community Fridge Information

  • The team at Sensory Integration Education have produced a fantastic 'Sensory Survival Guide' full of ideas and support to survive and thrive during the festive season

Sensory Integration Education - Christmas Survival Guide

  • Please see below the latest Newsletter from local OT services 'OASS' with some useful information and details about upcoming local events.

OASS - Newsletter

  • The NHS has shared some guidance for parents and carers regarding 'pressure area care' for your child which is contained in the leaflet below.

NHS Pressure Area Care Information Leaflet

  • Circus Starr are a group committed to bring the joys of the circus and live performance to children with SEND who may have found other shows and similar experiences difficult to access in the past. To find out more and book tickets for their 2023 shows please click on the link below!

Circus Starr Shows Link

  • Local charity Musical Keys are running a new session every Tuesday for young people who may be struggling with poor mental health, providing ways to explore music for positive change. More information can be found on the flyer below.

Musical Keys - Music for Wellbeing

  • Is your child entitled to 'Free School Meals'? To find out more click on the link below!

Free School Meals Information

  • There are a selection of training courses provided by Norfolk County Council for families with children aged 0-13 years. These courses are free and cover everything from pediatric first aid to childhood anxiety issues. For more information please visit the link below.

Norfolk Family Learning Courses

Learning Support

The 'Hungry Little Minds' Website is recommended by the UK Government and contains lots of different activity ideas for young people, many of which may be suitable for our young people.

Hungry Little Minds Website

The Oak Academy has a range of online learning resources for pupils with SEND, including videos and free printable resources.

The National Academy Online Classrooms

The 'Fizzy Programme' was developed by specialists from the Kent Community NHS Trust and includes a variety of activities to help improve children's balance, dexterity, fine and gross motor movements. Further information and downloadable activity sheets can be found in the website below.

The Fizzy Programme - Occupational Therapy


In school we support our spoken word using 'Signalong' which is a sign supported communication technique. More information, including free resources and course details can be found below or for further support please contact our Signalong Tutor, Trina on 

The Signalong Charity

Signalong have also produced a free training booklet for parents and practitioners which can be accessed here.

Signalong Training Handbook

'Proloquo2go' is an augmentative and alternative communication system that we use with many of our students to support their communication. Click on the link below to find out more.

Proloquo2go by Assistiveware

In school many of of our pupils use 'Widgit' symbols produced on an application called 'Symwriter', which adds symbols above each typed word, to either support their typing or understanding when reading written English. Further information along with details regarding a free trial can be found on their website.

Symwriter Information

Behaviour and and Self Regulation

 We use the 'Zones of Regulation' system to support our pupils to develop their understanding of emotions and self regulation techniques. More information can be found on their website.

The Zones of Regulation

At school we use the 'Norfolk Steps' approach to help support our pupils at times of crisis through a series of theraputic techniques such as deescalation and the safe application of physical intervention when necessary.  

Norfolk Steps Information

Starfish LD CAMHS is a specialist provision offering help and support for young people with SEND and their families on a referral basis primarily regarding emotional and behavioural needs. More information regarding the support they offer can be found on their website.

Starfish LD CAMHS

Health and Wellbeing

  •  NEW Disability Sessions 2023

Please find below all the links to book on to any of our disability delivery for the new year: 

Monday PAN Dance (Carrow Park)

Starts: Monday 9th January, 5pm – 6pm 

Age: 8+

Tuesday PAN Children’s Football (Nest)

Starts: Tuesday 10th January, 5pm – 6pm

Age: 7 - 16

Thursday PAN Children’s Football (Carrow Park)

Starts: Thursday 12th January, 6pm – 7pm

Age: 7 - 16

Thursday PAN Adults Football (Carrow Park)

Starts: Thursday 12th January, 7pm – 8pm

Age: 16+

Friday Impairment Specific Football (Carrow Park)

Starts: Friday 13th January 5pm – 6pm

Age: 7+

Saturday Downs Syndrome Football (Nest)

Starts: Saturday 14th January 10am – 11am

Age: 7+

Saturday PAN Mini Kickers Football (Nest)

Starts: Saturday 21st January 10am – 11am

Age: 4 – 6

 We do have additional sessions to the ones listed above: 

Disability Development Centre (The Nest)– This is more technically structured session for footballers. It is an invite only session but we encourage recommendations to it. Ages 7 – 12, 13 – 16 and adults. 

FA Para Football Talent Hub ( Carrow Park) – An FA funded programme that works with players aged 7 – 16. Aimed at those with Cerebral Palsy (male/female), that are Deaf (male/female) or partially sighted. This provides a potential opportunity to progress their football to regional or international level. 

Adult Representative Football 16+ - They play in a competitive league. 

Cerebral Palsy National Team 16+ - They play in a national league competition. 

Powerchair Football 7+ - We have teams that play nationally and in regional leagues. We train once a week at City Academy, Norwich, from 5.30 – 8pm on a Friday.

  • Please see below the latest Newsletter from local OT services 'OASS' with some useful information and details about upcoming local events.

OASS - Newsletter

  • The NHS has shared some guidance for parents and carers regarding 'pressure area care' for your child which is contained in the leaflet below.

NHS Pressure Area Care Information Leaflet

'No Limits Norfolk' are offering another great opportunity for our pupils to engage in some after school physical activities with inclusive dance classes! Please check out the flyer below for more details!No Limits Norfolk - Inclusive Dance Class Flyer

Our P.E. Lead Darren has worked with a member of our parents group to compile a list of out of school 'physical activity' opportunities for children with SEND in the local area. This can be found on the document below. We will aim to update this list on a regular basis to inform you of other out of school opportunities we become aware of.List of Out of School 'Physical Activity' Opportunities for Children with SEND

  • (Please note this list is for information purposes only and any activities are not endorsed by the school)

Did you know that from the age of 14, a child with SEND is eligible for a free annual health check? This can help identify any health needs, whilst offering tips to promote and support a healthy lifestyle. Please visit the 'Just One Norfolk' website (link below) for further information or take a look at their child friendly PowerPoint presentation.

Just One Norfolk - The 14 Plus Health Check

14 Plus Annual Health Check Presentation

Norfolk and Waveney have produced a comprehensive  support and self help guide for young people, full of information and links about mental health services in our local area. The guide can be found below or you can use the link to their website for further information.  

Support and Self Help Guide About Children and Young People's Mental Health

Just One Norfolk Website - Mental Health Support

'Just One Norfolk' has lots of helpful advice and information regarding support for children with additional needs, their health and well-being, including support with sleep and development

Just One Norfolk Website

Below you will find two documents giving advice and ideas about how to maintain good mental health in young people, which were created by the CAMHS service.

Top Tips for Feeling Good for Children Aged Between 5 and 11

Top Tips for Feeling Good For 11 to 18 Year Olds

The Children's Sleep Charity offers help and advice for parents who are having difficult with their children's sleep habits or bedtime routines.

The Children's Sleep Charity

'Go Noodle' is a website containing a range of workouts and keep fit sessions for all ages and it is free to sign up for families to sign up to.

Go Noodle Website

'Able2B' are a local organisation offering adapted and accessible fitness classes for young people and adults with a range of complex needs and disabilities.

Able2B Website

EHCPs and Funding

The Norfolk SEND Partnership publish many useful documents on their website aimed at informing families about different areas of SEND education and services. Below you will find two of these documents, one about understanding EHCPs and the other about personal budgets.

Reading and Understanding EHCPs

Personal Budgets

Information from Norfolk County Council regarding Education, Health and Care Plans can be found using this link.

What is an EHCP? - Norfolk County Council

'EHCP Journeys' is a website dedicated to explaining and supporting the EHCP process from the families prospective.

EHCP Journeys Website

The following link offers information regarding moving from childrens to adults social care services and what to expect during this transition.

NHS Advice - Moving from Childrens' to Adults Social Care

Life After School and Adult Services

Norfolk County Council - People who can help you prepare for adult life

Preparing for Adult Life (PfAL) Service Information

Norfolk County Council - SEN Support in Post 16 Learning

Specialist SEND Courses for Post 16 Pupils in Norfolk

Parent Support


Please also see our community links page for further information about support and services available in our area.

Quick Link: Community links

The Norfolk SEND Partnership offer free impartial advice and information for families about Special Educational Needs.

Norfolk SEND Partnership

Norwich Early Help Hub offers support and information for families about a range of worries and difficulties. More information can be found on the website below.

Norwich Early Help Hub Information

The Autism Discussion Page is a Facebook feed which is run by expert Bill Nason and contains lots of really useful tips and advice for supporting children with complex needs.

The Autism Discussion Facebook Page

Kids Matter is a national charity who have now set up several 'hubs' in the Norwich area, offering help and advice to any parents with children aged 0-10. They are currently offering free access to an online parenting course and support group which runs for 6 consecutive weeks. For more information please click on the link below, where you will also find an information poster and an application form to sign up for the course.

Kids Matter Website

Kids Matter Online Learning Information

Kids Matter Acceptance Criteria

Kids Matter Online Referral Form

Here at Harford Manor School we understand the important role carers play in many of our students and their wider families lives. Carers Matter Norfolk are a group who offer a wide range of support and information for carers across the region. More information can be found on their website using the link below.

Carers Matter Norfolk Website

The Norfolk County Council offer regular, fully funded adult learning courses in a wide range of areas. You can find the latest information by clicking on the link to their website below.

Adult Learning Courses from Norfolk County Council - Website

Financial Support

Are you struggling with any costs associated with your child's school, such as new uniform or school resources? IF so, Anguish's Educational Foundation may be able to offer financial support with their grant system. Please see the flyer below for more details.

Anguish Educational Foundation Grant Information

The Pink Orange are a local organisation who provide meal kits to vulnerable households including ingredients kits and recipes to encourage children and families to cook together. You can find out more or register your interest in receiving their packs via their website using the link below.

The Pink Orange Website

The Ormiston Families Foundation are available to offer support to young people and their families across our region, focusing on well-being and developing emotional resilience. More information and contact details can be found on their website using the link below or by calling 0800 977 4077. We have also added their latest newsletter which contains information about support in the local area.

Ormiston Families Website

Ormiston Families Newsletter

Adverse Weather

In case of adverse weather please check this website or listen to local radio stations for further information or visit the Norfolk County Council School Closures page using the link below.

Norfolk School Closures