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After our most recent Ofsted Inspection on 6th and 7th June 2023 we are pleased to report that Harford Manor School was graded as a Good school in all areas against the latest Ofsted criteria.

In particular Ofsted found that:

 Pupils, who all have special educational needs and/or disabilities, are looked after well. They forge positive, trusting relationships with adults. Pupils enjoy learning from a personalised curriculum. This helps them to develop firm foundations for their futures.

The ‘My Communication’ strand of the provision is central to pupils’ learning.
Teachers teach this with clarity and enthusiasm. They integrate appropriate
approaches such as signing, symbols and sensory stories into lessons.

Teachers choose suitable activities and resources that interest pupils within
curriculum strands such as ‘How My World Works’ and ‘Me and My Body’. Adults
emphasise important content and words. They check that pupils understand these and spot when pupils are ready to build on their learning.

Pupils’ behaviour improves over time and so purposeful learning takes place. Many pupils show increasing resilience and engage more fully with their surroundings and learning.

Pupils benefit from high-quality pastoral care. They learn strategies for staying safe, self-care and dealing with new social situations. Staff give pupils meaningful opportunities to make independent choices and contribute to decision-making.


You can read the full report here:

Ofsted Inspection June 2023

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