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Christmas Holiday Support Information

 As we receive any information about support for our families and parents over the holiday period it will be added below.

Financial Support

Please see the flyer below regarding financial help that is available through the 'Norfolk Assistance Scheme'.

Norfolk Assistance Scheme Leaflet

Free School Meals

All children, in any year group, that are eligible for means-tested free school meals are eligible to receive free school meals and also a free meal voucher for school holidays, including this Christmas holiday.

If you have registered for free school meals, you will shortly receive a link to download your voucher for the Christmas holiday period for £55, which can be used in most major supermarkets. The £55 is based on the usual £15 per child per week for the 2 weeks of the holiday, plus an additional £25 per child to help families free up household finances in advance of an anticipated rise in energy costs in January and to try and help children enjoy a better Christmas than they might otherwise have.

To check if you are eligible and to register for free school meals please go to this website: -

Families in hardship and needing wider support - information leaflet on Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS)

In addition to the offer of FSM vouchers for eligible families, there is support available for families who are facing hardship and need support. Please see the attached NAS leaflet.

Anyone experiencing hardship may be able to receive support through the NAS, which may be able to provide support for food, fuel, clothes and other essential household items to families experiencing hardship. Wider support from a range of partners can then also be made available with NAS working alongside the Children's Services Community and Partnerships service.

Families may get in touch with NAS via their dedicated website which includes an online application form at Norfolk Assistance Scheme - Norfolk County Council or if they cannot access the internet, they can call 0344 800 8020.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.