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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium for our children

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools for any children in Reception to Year 6 who are, or have ever been, entitled to free school meals based on their family income. Additional funding is also available for Looked After Children to help ensure they achieve better educational outcomes and close the attainment gap with their peers.

Our Pupil Premium Children:

The educational barriers faced by the children who qualify for Pupil Premium within our setting often have less impact than their diagnosis of special educational needs, meaning their achievements remain comparable to their peers, even those with very different backgrounds within the cohort. Each of our pupils individual needs are identified and assessed through their annual EHCP reviews, whilst our looked after pupils also have their own personal education plan meetings, where their needs and outcomes are regularly reviewed and updated.

The funding allocated though this scheme is used by the school to help ensure the needs of our disadvantaged pupils are met, through resourcing targets and creating opportunities to achieve the goals set. The money received also helps to fund school wide initiatives and social opportunities, ensuring free or low cost access to clubs for all of our students including our looked after children.

How we measure the impact of our Pupil Premium initiatives:

Through the evidence gained in Annual reviews, parental feedback and students own comments on their enjoyment and value placed on social opportunities such as community based outings and clubs.

Our next pupil premium strategy statement is scheduled for September 2024.


Total budget for this academic year: £87,985


 Pupil Premium Strategy 2023-2024

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