Harford Manor School

Harford Manor School

Historical Funding


Year 7 Catch-up grant 2014 to 2015

The Government ensures that all year 7 pupils that did not achieve level 4, 5 or 6 in reading or mathematics, are supported via a grant of £500 per pupil.  This money is paid via Local Authorities to all appropriate schools, based on their data returns.  The money is designed to be spent by each school in order to support  progress.


For us, where no pupil is likely to achieve level 4, due to the nature of the complex needs of all of our pupils, the money is clearly welcome, but is far from an indication of poor progress.


For the financial year 2014/15, Harford Manor school was allocated £3000. We will be using this money to enable release time, training and organisational planning to develop reading and communication support further across the school.  


For information, currently 84% of our year 7 students are achieving above expected levels (based on national data for similar students) in both English and Maths.  This is in line with the excellent outcomes for the rest of the school.


July 2015