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Please take a look at some of the galleries below to see what our pupils have been up to recently:


Children in Need 2019 at Harford Manor (71 images)

Some of the fun and fundraising that went on for Children in Need 2019!

Created: 15 Nov 19 15:28 | Last modified: 15 Nov 19 15:39

Orange Class Visiting Orchard Toys (15 images)

Orange Class visited Orchard Toys in Wymondham to learn about how jigsaw puzzles are made

Created: 18 Oct 19 12:00 | Last modified: 8 Nov 19 16:13

Blue Class using letting off some steam on our new trampoline! (9 images)

The school has been fundraising to install a new sunken trampoline for pupils to use to help with co-ordination, gross motor skills and emotional regulation. Here are some photos of Blue Class using the trampoline to let off some steam!

Created: 6 Nov 19 15:36 | Last modified: 8 Nov 19 16:08

Beauty and the Beast Travelling Theatre Show (16 images)

The pupils were wowed, amazed and entertained by a special showing of Beauty and the Beast from the M&M Theatre Company!

Created: 8 Nov 19 16:00 | Last modified: 8 Nov 19 16:03

Red Class celebrating Bonfire Night with their own fire building! (10 images)

Created: 6 Nov 19 15:30 | Last modified: 6 Nov 19 15:33

The Adventures of Milo (22 images)

Milo is our school dog! He regularly visits all our classes for a variety of activities including outings, walks, grooming, shared reading and so much more!

Created: 10 Oct 19 16:21 | Last modified: 10 Oct 19 16:24

Harvest Festival 2019 (47 images)

A wonderful collection and even better performance by all of the staff and students at HMS. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and support us!

Created: 9 Oct 19 12:28 | Last modified: 9 Oct 19 16:20

Daily jobs and life in F.E. (16 images)

When they are not cooking lunch or working hard F.E. complete lots of jobs across the school to help their friends

Created: 9 Oct 19 14:53 | Last modified: 9 Oct 19 14:54

Orange Class Exploring the Big Bugs Trail (11 images)

Orange Class had great fun going around the big bugs trail in the city as part of a special insect themed learning day!

Created: 4 Oct 19 11:26 | Last modified: 4 Oct 19 11:27

Orange Class at the Castle Museum (23 images)

Orange Class visited the castle museum to learn about portraits

Created: 4 Oct 19 11:17 | Last modified: 4 Oct 19 11:19

Red Class's September Activities (14 images)

Red Class have been settling into the new term and sharing a range of activities together

Created: 2 Oct 19 15:01 | Last modified: 2 Oct 19 15:20