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Below you will find a selection of our recent photo galleries

Class Summer Term Galleries

Rainbow Class Summer Term Activities 2022

Yellow Class Summer Term Activities 2022

Green Class Summer Term Activities 2022

Red Class Summer Term Activities 2022

Blue Class Summer Term Activities 2022

White Class Summer Term Activities 2022

Orange Class Summer Term Activities

Purple Class Summer Term Activities 2022

Cullum Lodge Summer Term Activities 2022

F.E. Summer Term Activities 2022

Our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!

Learn About Livestock Project

Learn about Livestock Week!

Red Nose Day 2022

Red Nose Day 2022

World Book Day 2022

World Book Day 2022!

Our 70s Celebration Week

Our 70s Celebration Week!

Class Spring Term Galleries

Rainbow Class Spring Term 2022

Yellow Class Spring Term 2022

Blue Class Spring Term 2022

Green Class Spring 2022

White Class Spring Term 2022

Orange Class Spring Term 2022

Purple Class Spring Term 2022

F.E. Spring Term 2022

Harford Manor's Christmas Treats

Harford Manor's Christmas Treats!

 Children In Need 2021

Children In Need 2021!

 Our Norfolk Arts Space Themed Exhibition

Norfolk Arts Exhibition - Space Themed Exhibition

Working at the Close Links Shop

Working at the 'Close Links' Charity Shop

Our Autumn Term Class Galleries

Rainbow Class September 2021

Yellow Class September 2021

Red Class September 2021

Blue Class September 2021


White Class September 2021

Purple Class September 2021

Cullum Lodge September 2021

FE September 2021

Green Class September 2021



We are currently having a new classroom built onsite and 'Rainbow Class' will be ready to accept pupils from September 2021. As the build progresses we will be adding to the gallery below to keep everyone updated on the progress!

20th July - DINO DAY!

To celebrate the end of our school topic 'A Journey to the Centre of the Earth' we were visited by 'The Education Group' and their two pet dinosaurs 'Sophie the Baby T-Rex' and 'Bella the Velociraptor'! We were also treated to a fossil experience in the hall and everyone had a fantastic time!

Monday 5th July - Primary and Secondary Sports Days

Spring Term Class Galleries

Red Nose Day 2021

World Book Day 2021