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School Closure Support

At this difficult time we hope that you find the information we have added to our website useful in supporting your child in the home setting in the event of any prolonged period of full or partial school closure.

In addition to the new information below, you can also find:

  • Interactive games, colouring sheets and topic related activities and Easter crafts in our 'Pupil Zone' section
  • Various ideas to try at home relating to each of our topics for this year can be found on our 'Curriculum Pages'. These were also sent home in paper format at the beginning of each half term
  • Support information for parents can in the sub-menu of this page on the left hand side of this page
  •  are an online educational publishing company who have created a range of SEND specific resources to download at home. They are also inviting all parents and carers to create a FREE online account to access their full online content. Details of all this can be found using the sub-menu options on the left hand side of this page


 Stories to help with understanding

  • Below you will find a social story about the school closure, and two other stories linked to the current situation. One is called 'The little gnome who had to stay home' which is designed to explain why children are being asked to stay home at this time which also has a set of linked symbols which could help explain the content. The other, #Covibook, is written from the perspective of the virus and aims to reassure young people who may be worried about what they are hearing.

School Closure Social Story

The Little Gnome who had to Stay Home

The Little Gnome who had to Stay Home Symbols


  • One of our teachers, Georgie has also recorded her own story, explaining about the Coronavirus, why we are being asked to stay at home and the steps we can take to help keep ourselves safe and healthy, which you can watch below.


Communication and Symbols

  • We have created a small bank of symbols specific to current circumstances which parents may find useful to help create routines or explain certain situations to their children. There is also a simple symbolised schedule which some parents may find useful to follow.

Communication Symbols - Sheet 1

Communication Symbols - Sheet 2

Visual Timetable Example

  • We want to support our pupils and families individual needs. So if there are any particular symbols that you think you need to help to support your child at home that you cannot find here, then please email our communication lead, Trina, on cmacleod4nrp@nsix.org.uk and she will be able help with finding the images that you need.
  • Alternatively, you can create your own 'Widgit' account using the link and the details below which will provide new users with free and unrestricted access to 'Widgit Online' and it’s ready-made materials for 30 days. To create your own account, click on the link below and enter the code 'WIDGIT30'

Widgit Online Free Account Offer


Whiteboard and Pen Ideas

As part of the schools provision, we will be providing every pupil with a wipe clean whiteboard sheet and pen. Depending on your child and their level of understanding these can be used a variety of different ways, such as a 'Now and Next' board, a flexible 'visual timetable' in conjunction with some of the symbols provided above, or a doodle or writing surface to complete number work or practice hand writing skills.

Whiteboard Ideas

Gina Davies uses these boards during her Attention Autism sessions and two videos showing how this is done, and why this strategy is so important can be seen by clicking on the links below. Gina Davies is a leading figure in this particular area, and many more tips can be found by looking at her Facebook page (Gina Davies Autism Centre) and her website (ginadavies.co.uk).

Gina Davies - Drawing and getting the Message Across

Gina Davies - Drawing and Making Things Easier for the Children

We have also added some videos of one of our class teachers explaining why you have received the whiteboard and demonstrating a few of the ways that it could be used to support your child at home.



Activity Ideas

  • TTS have produced several online activity books which contain a wide variety of ideas which are suitable for many of our young people. These can be downloaded using the links below

TTS Pupil Activity Book 1

TTS Pupil Activity Book 2

  • We have produced sheets with ideas for some homemade messy play and fine motor skills activities using household objects too

Homemade Messy Play and Fine Motor Skills Resources

Rubber Playdough Recipe

Coloured Rice Method

  • Audible are offering hundreds of their children's book titles for free during the school closures with no log ins or accounts required. A list of free titles can be found by clicking on the link below.

Audible Free Stories List

  • Our colleagues at Parkside School have also compiled a long list of online educational resources which can be found below

List of Online Education Resources

** The Department For Education in particular are signposting parents to a website called 'Hungry Little Minds' which includes activity ideas and support videos for parents. Take a look using the link below

Hungry Little Minds Campaign



The staff in White Class have put together this Easter activity pack which can be printed out to enjoy at home. There are other Easter Craft activities in the 'Pupil Zone' pages of our website.
Easter Activities Pack


P.E. and Fitness

Obviously regular physical activity, including sports, walks or other active games will be of great benefit to your young person to help keep them regulated and engaged. There are lots of physical activity suggestions in the class specific information sheets below and anything you can think of to help with this will also be of great benefit. However, our P.E. lead wanted to signpost you to a couple of additional links which are listed below.

Joe Wicks the 'Body Coach' will be running a morning workout via his YouTube channel every Monday to Friday at 9am specifically designed for you and your young person to enjoy together. His channel can be found by clicking on the link below.

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach TV (YouTube)

He also recommended 'Boogie Beebies' on the BBC website for our younger students, and a website called 'Go Noodle' which has a range of work outs and activities suitable for many. This website is free for parents to sign up to. Both can be found with the links below.

Boogie Beebies

Go Noodle Website



'Ellie's Cakery' is a local cake making company and throughout the Covid-19 lockdown they will be hosting 'Food Tech Fridays' with an online live bake that people can log in a follow with their child!

Ellie is uploading the recipe and ingredients list on her website every Monday, giving those wishing to take part enough time to find the bits they need. You can access Ellie's website by clicking here.

She is then posting a step by step video every Friday, which can be paused and rewound as needed. These videos are being uploaded to her YouTube Channel which can be accessed using the link below. Her first video, 'making cupcakes' is already there to follow if you want to take a look!

Ellie's Cakery - Food Tech Fridays

Many of our pupils love to cook! Therefore we have also created a selection of symbolised recipe sheets and sequences that you may like to follow with your child at home.

Cheese Straws Recipe

Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Fruit Scones Recipe

Gingerbread man Recipe

Pancakes Recipe

Pittabread Pizzas Recipe

Rice Crispie Cakes Recipe

Smarties Biscuits Recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Vegetable Soup Recipe



Class Specific Information

We understand that many of our pupils will find it hard to adapt to the changes to their routine school closures will cause. Therefore we have asked each class to provide a small selection of online links, learning ideas, songs, games and even trip destinations which your child will be familiar with.

Whilst we have provided this information in class sections, parents and carers are of course welcome to look at what other classes have suggested and use any of the information below if they think it may be useful to them!

The Primary Department

Green Class Support Information

Yellow Class Support Information

Red Class Support Information

Blue Class Support Information


The Secondary Department


White Class Support Information

Orange Class Support Information

Purple Class Support Information


Post 16 Classes

F.E. Support Information

Cullum Lodge Support Information