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Welcome to Purple Class!

Purple Class is one of our Secondary Autistic Resource bases. We offer a highly adapted curriculum in a smaller class of pupils supported by a higher ratio of adults than many other parts of the school.

Pupils enjoy learning through our thematic curriculum, focusing on a new and exciting topic each half term. In Purple Class we pay particular attention to developing skills in the following areas: the functional use of communication, increasing pupils understanding of emotional regulation, the use of tools to support self-regulation and also developing independence skills in preparation for life beyond Harford Manor School.

In Purple Class we take a holistic approach to learning, considering the individual needs and abilities"In Purple Class we take a holistic approach to learning, considering the individual needs and abilities of our pupils through a highly structured and sensory based timetable" of our pupils through a highly structured and sensory based timetable. This allows us to work on the ‘Personalised Learning Goals’ of each pupil using a variety of stimulating and sensory experiences which are embedded throughout our weekly timetable. We use a range of different approaches, which include the use of: sensory circuits, attention autism and opportunities for sensory exploration and heuristic play. Pupils benefit from weekly therapies sessions where they have the opportunity to use our school Therapy Room, sunken trampoline and spend time caring for our school therapy dog Milo. Our weekly timetable also consists of regular 1:1 sessions to work on personalised work tasks. Home management sessions, where pupils learn to use domestic appliances and to complete household tasks such as: cleaning windows, wiping tables, cleaning cars, sorting washing and gardening. Our personal care sessions, where we work on individual needs in either desensitisation or independence in carrying out self-help skills, such as: nail filing and trimming, haircuts and shaving.

Further to this, pupils benefit from accessing regular community outings to generalise their learning. We make weekly shopping trips to a variety of local supermarkets, where pupils follow written or symbolised shopping lists to buy snacks and ingredients which pupils then prepare in class. There are also opportunities to carry out work experience at our school charity shop, Close Links. Other community outings include; accessing local parks, walks, cafes as well as topic and seasonal related outings.

Take a look at the gallery below to see what we have been up to recently:

Purple Class - September 2022

Please take a look at our Class Learning Overview for our most recent topic, which also contains a range of ideas for home learning.

Purple Class 'American Road Trip' Topic Information

We have created a 'Home Learning Support Sheet' for anyone in class who needs to access learning

away from school at this time. On the sheet you will find activity ideas and links covering each of the

school curriculum areas. In the event of the need for a period of self-solation or a class closure, your class teacher will be in touch to provide further support and resources.

Purple Class Home Learning Support

Purple Class Communication Videos:

Below you will find a series of Attention Autism videos created by the Purple Class Team to enjoy at home. They hope to add to these on a weekly basis whilst pupils continue to learn from home!


                                          Flour Faces                                             Rainbow Sponge

Vitamin Pops

Attention Autism Videos:

Here are some longer Attention Autism videos based on various themes that can be watched, replicated and enjoyed at home.



Sensory Circuits:

A Guide to Sensory Circuits at Harford Manor School