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P.E. and Sports Premium Funding

Primary P.E. Funding Information:

The Government has provided significant funding since 2013/14 to all schools with Primary aged children, to extend PE and Sport provision, beyond the expected PE curriculum. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.


Primary P.E. Funding Allocation for 2020 - 2021

 The allocation to Harford Manor School was £16850

Information about how this grant will be used to improve the quality and provision of sports within our school can be found in the document below.

P.E. and Sports Premium Plan 2020/2021

Further Information:

KS2 pupils now have the opportunity to take part in competitions with other SEND schools in the county, and take part in healthy, active lifestyles with trips and visits to local attractions and Outdoor Learning environments/venues. These have included 'Go Ape' at High Lodge in Thetford, Banham Zoo, Bewilderwood and High Altitude trampoline park, among many. We have also been able to provide holiday/after school sessions (Harford breaks) to allow students opportunities to try other activities, and pursue healthy, active lifestyles.

At Harford Manor in addition to our curricular P.E., we also offer students the opportunity to take part in competitions, festivals and experience days with other Complex Needs Schools at a variety of external venues throughout the year. We also have input from professional coaches in cricket and tennis. These events are supported by the Primary School Sports Funding we receive.


Historical Funding Information

Primary p.e. funding for 2019 - 2020     |     £16351

This funding helped support active lifestyles for our pupils in the following ways:

  • It provided opportunities to our pupils to be active outside of normal school hours, during evenings, weekends and school holidays by helping to fund our 'Harford Manor Breaks' provision before the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Primary classes accessed sporting activities through a specialist provider 'Able2B' funded by our Primary P.E. funding.
  • The installation of a 'sunken trampoline' has provided opportunities for pupils to access on-site Rebound Therapy and staff training in this area has been funded through the Primary P.E. grant. In addition to this, pupils have been able to enjoy the health benefits of trampolining through occasional or block session access at a local trampoline park.
  • Top-up swimming sessions for our KS2 pupils at private pools (due to the level of support required) we funded, which provided opportunities not only to improve fitness, but to develop basic life and life saving skills.
  • The grant was also been used to set up a lunchtime 'scooter club', purchasing both scooters and the required safety equipment. Whilst staff have also received training to enable them to structure and supervise safe and structured sessions for the pupils who attend.

Participation and Attainment: The COVID-19 pandemic obviously impacted on the schools ability to offer and then assess the impact of these activities. However the installation of the sunken trampoline has proved to be a huge success with pupils accessing this facility on a regular basis not only for physical development but also self-regulation purposes. Local provider 'Able2B' also provided feedback that confirmed an increased uptake from pupils who attended school sessions at their after school and weekend clubs, promoting an active and healthier lifestyle outside of school.

Sustainability: The investment in the sunken trampoline will provided sustained access and opportunities for all pupils for the forseeable future. Other resources purchased, such as the scooters, have been shared between 'bubbles' for continued access and use during P.E. sessions to improve confidence, balance and co-ordination whilst clubs are on hold due to the pandemic. 


Primary P.E. funding for 2018 - 2019     |      £16349

  • This funding helped increase participation in healthy, active lifestyles, and helped to educate our Primary phase pupils about the benefits of participation in Sport and Outdoor activities.
  • It helped to educate pupils about where food comes from, and how animal ownership and care can provide a therapeutic and rewarding environment. Pupils were able to collect eggs, pick fruit, and harvest vegetables for use in their cooking lessons.
  • The arrival of our therapy dog proved to be a huge success, and very popular with all students, not just the primary phase. With pupils actively engaging in his upkeep by taking him for walks and other forms of exercise.  

Participation and Attainment: New resources and teaching aids suitable for our pupils, purchased through this scheme, enabled students to engage in lesson content about healthy living and eating in appropriate and meaningful ways. The money used to maintain our animal enclosure and school dog has ensured access to a valuable tool for learning about sustainable healthy living. 

Sustainability: The resources purchased for lessons are able to be re-used in future planning, whilst the skills and knowledge learnt by the pupils will help inform their choices regarding diet and exercise in their future lives.


Primary p.e. Funding for 2017 - 2018     |     £11334

  • This money was used to part-fund our 'Harford Manor Breaks' provision. These high quality, physical exercise based holiday and weekend activity days for all students were supported by highly trained and familiar staff from across the school setting.
  • These days were planned and facilitated to ensure they were accessible for all and the Primary P.E. funding money helped to ensure the costs to access the provision  remained low and at an affordable level for all families.

Participation and Attainment: By attending the 'Harford Manor Breaks' events, students were able to take part in a range of physical activities and enjoy new experiences which would not have been available to them without the structure and support the provision provides. 

Sustainability: Over subscribed provision in 2017/18 demonstrates the need for this service, which will build on recent successes and expand the service as required.


primary p.e. funding for 2016 - 2017     |     £8375

  • This funding was used to purchase additional qualified professional coaching and access to a variety of sporting activities for pupils attending our after school clubs provision throughout the year.
  • The Primary P.E. fund money was also used to bolster opportunities for inter school competitions with other Complex Needs schools and to support out of school hours physical activities through our school "Short Breaks" provision.

Participation and Attainment: After School clubs once again proved to be very popular in the academic year 2016/17. This meant that a good proportion of our pupils were able to access and engage in high quality sports coaching that provided both good physical exercise and mental stimulation too. The money allocated to facilitate inter-schools competitions provided a unique setting, where the events were specifically tailored to be fully inclusive to those with Special Educational Needs and created valuable opportunities for our students to experience a new level of challenge, competing against children of similar ages and abilities. 

Sustainability: New community links made with coaches from the 'Community Sports Foundation' among   others will open doors for similar ventures in the future, whilst literature and information shared with parents means that a number of our pupils have started to access new sports initiatives run by these groups in the local area. The success of the inter-schools competitions means plans are in place to continue these events or host similar ones on a regular basis.


primary p.e. funding for 2015 - 2016     |     £8375

  • This year the funding allocated to our school was used to purchase 'Balanceability' bikes and train staff effectively to deliver this activity to pupils.
  • The remaining funding was used to make improvements and refinements to the school gym, including equipment upgrades for use by students across the school.

Participation and Attainment: Pupils in our primary department have been able to access the new 'Balanceability' bikes on a regular basis, both a s part of taught/instructed sessions to learn and develop core skills and as part of free play, to explore the equipment independently. They have proved a popular addition to our students play time routines and added new dimensions to our P.E. offering. There has been an observed improvement in participating pupils core balance which will help with the transition to pedal bikes in the future.

Sustainability: Purchasing of quality equipment for our gym and in the 'Balanceability Bikes' provides longevity of use, whilst the staff training provided as part of the purchased bikes package will allow lessons and clubs based around the use of this equipment to be a long standing addition to the 'healthy and active' options we offer to our students.


primary p.e. funding for 2014 - 2015     |     £8375

  • T
  • he Primary P.E. funding received was used to create a specialist 'trim trail' on site which has provided us with our first on site Outdoor and Adventurous dedicated equipment.  The installation of this equipment has greatly improved the range of suitable options for our students to remain active at break times, providing more opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Participation and Attainment: The trim trail was individually risk assessed by each class to ensure that all pupils were able to access it safely and now it is a very popular addition to many pupils break time routine. The trim trail has provided pupils that would not usually engage in traditional physical exercise, such as football or bike riding, the chance to get active and raise their heart rate, whilst developing core skills such as balance and determination too! 

Sustainability: The trim trail is a permanent installation with a long term guarantee, meaning it is a long term investment which will be accessible and functional for many students throughout the coming years at Harford Manor School.


primary p.e. funding for 2013 - 2014     |     £8375

  • The funding was used to enable our lead P.E. teacher to attend county wide P.E. forum meetings for his continued professional development.
  • The P.E. grant was used to fund the organisation and resourcing of various inter-school sport competitions specific to children and young people with learning difficulties.
  • The funding allocation helped to improve the scheme of work and associated resources for P.E. teaching across the age range of the school. 

Participation and Attainment: Pupils have been able to take part in high quality P.E. sessions using a variety of new equipment, promoting pupil enjoyment and engagement. Inter-schools competition has provided a safe and inclusive environment for our students to experience competitive sport, many for the first time. This has instilled a sense of pride and achievement for both those taking part and the wider school, who have supported the teams and shared in their successes.

Sustainability: Our P.E. lead has been able to receive valuable CPD and engage in professional discussion with likeminded colleagues to improve the P.E. provision at our school whilst also sharing our good practice with others. New resources add diversity and longevity to the P.E. provisions within the school.