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Harford Manor School


Our Secondary Department

Our Secondary Department is made up of four classes:

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White Class

White Class is currently based around secondary age pupils whose barriers to learning include high levels of communication need, OT/therapy needs, intensive support in regulation, self help/care, and support in interaction skills. Their learning style may require more individual support, sensory and practical learning opportunities as well as focus on developing key skills, independence and flexibility.


Purple Class - Autistic Resource Base (ARB)

Purple Class is an Autistic Resource Base for secondary age pupils whose barriers to learning are linked to the support they need in communication and in regulating their emotional and alert states and how this is linked to their behaviour. The timetable will be focused on the structured approaches needed to support independence, lifelong learning skills and communication.


Orange Class

Orange Class is for secondary age pupils whose barriers to learning are linked to their ability to focus and motivation to engage more independently in learning activities. To develop the ability to generalise skills and embed in functional situations, to communicate with a wider audience and to develop group working skills.


Indigo Class

Indigo Class is for secondary age pupils...