Harford Manor School

Harford Manor School

Our Secondary Department

There are three classes in the secondary department:

Key Stage 3 Class

In White class, students build on and consolidate skills they have already learnt and discover new ones too! As the first step into secondary education, we place great emphasis on developing independence in all aspects of daily life, including class jobs and taking on some whole school responsibilities. We follow the schools thematic curriculum, whilst also dedicating important time to focus on individualised learning targets, whether in class, at play or out in the community.


Secondary Autistic Resource Base (ARB) for Key Stage 3 and 4 Students

Purple class follows a highly adapted curriculum encompassing the cognitive, sensory and physical needs of each student. There is a focus on the development of purposeful and functional communication, key life and daily living skills, whilst exploring our topic themes through sensory means. Each student is encouraged to learn to manage their own behaviour, work and personal skills to help equip them for life in the Post-16 phase.

Key Stage 4 Class

In Orange class, we enhance key academic skills through the exploration of our half termly curriculum themes, whilst ensuring there is a focus on each student's life and independence skills. This practical approach includes developing an understanding of money and time concepts, issues surrounding growing up and social skills / expectations, all at a level appropriate to each individual. We have the regular opportunities to put these skills into practice, during community visits and explore 'the world of work' through our involvement with the running of our school charity shop, 'Close Links'.  In Orange Class we begin working towards accredited courses, namely the OCR Life and Living Skills modules, which are continued throughout the Post 16 Department.