Harford Manor School

Harford Manor School


There are three classes in the secondary department:

White Class is for students in the lower secondary age phase

In White class, students build on and consolidate skills they have already learnt and discover new ones too! Students develop appropriate communication and interaction skills as well as taking their independence skills further. White class are very Eco-aware and develop their active citizenship by being aware of the environment and local community.

Orange Class is for students in the upper secondary age phase

In Orange class, students develop their life skills and independence skills as well as being involved in a dynamically adapted curriculum. We work extensively in the community and are deeply involved in the running of our school shop, Close Links. We prepare students for the next stage of their education in Post-16, where there is an emphasis on building independence and confidence in practical real world situations.


Purple Class is for students in both the lower and upper secondary age phase

Purple class is an Autism Resource Base where students access a highly individualised curriculum encompassing cognitive, sensory and physical needs. Students are encouraged to learn to manage their own behaviour, work and personal skills. Pupils develop community-based skills and are equipped for life in the Post-16 phase.



Students at Harford Manor each have an SEN Support Plan (SSP). SSPs are personalised, person-centred targets which recognise the needs of students and teaching approaches are adapted accordingly. At Key Stage 4 and Post-16 pupils also have the opportunity to access accredited courses. Currently, we use the OCR Life and Living Skills modules.