Harford Manor School

Harford Manor School

Our Primary Department

Our Primary department is made up of four classes: 

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Students

In yellow class we have a lot of fun learning as part of a group and as individuals. A typical week in Yellow Class might include interactive stories related to our half-termly theme, swimming, cooking, art, sensory science, going out and about in the local community and lots more! A vitally important part of what we do is work towards developing the core personal care and independence skills every student needs to full access all the wonderful things Harford Manor has to offer. This includes support with developing confidence in our surroundings and social skills to enable us to work together as a group, help with toileting and learning about how to manage our own behaviour appropriately.

Mixed Key Stage 1 and 2 Class

In Red class pupils continue to develop independence in all areas of the curriculum. We enjoy learning through a theme- based curriculum about the world and our place in it, as well as developing skills for life. Our favourite activities include swimming, PE and developing our communication.

Primary Autistic Resource Base (ARB) for Key Stage 1 and 2 Students

Green Class is an Autistic Resource Base where the focus is on developing communication and interaction, as well as independent learning skills. We follow a theme-based curriculum within class with lots of sensory elements and the use of approaches such as Attention Autism to convey ideas to our pupils. We also spend a lot of time out in the community, developing and practicing real-life skills and learning how to behave and respond appropriately in lots of different settings.

Key Stage 2 Class 

In Blue Class pupils continue to develop independence and communication skills as well as taking on more responsibilities in the school community, such as helping our peers and doing jobs around the school. We utilise several links with other schools in the local area, building relationships with a variety of pupils in different settings, which has helped us learn about others and the world around us. We follow the schools theme-based curriculum, which helps support cross-curricular links and some rich and diverse learning opportunities for our pupils.