Harford Manor School

Harford Manor School


There are two classes in the Post-16 age phase


In FE students are prepared for life beyond school. Some students are involved with highly successful work experience placements – recent placements have included Sainsburys and Norwich Castle Museum, as well as placements within school. Students are equipped with wide-ranging life skills from cooking to learning to voice opinions and develop appropriate self-expression. Students build confidence in social situations in and out of school. Students also attend sessions at local colleges. Students take their roles as active citizens seriously, attending first aid and life saving courses. FE are extremely sporty and take part in football, basketball and athletics tournaments.

Cullum Lodge             

Cullum Lodge is an Autistic Resource Base for pupils in the 16-19 age phase. We offer a tailored curriculum that gives students many different learning opportunities on site and in the community. Our students work on the concrete application of the curriculum, with a large focus on life skills, independence and communicating effectively within the wider environment. We use local community facilities such as the public pool and shopping centres on a regular basis as well as accessing work experience placements at local charity organizations. We aim to equip our students with the ability to begin to solve problems for themselves, to prepare them for early adulthood and to encourage students to make an active contribution as citizens.