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The Rainbow Class Build - Week by Week!

We are delighted that our plans to increase the provision at Harford Manor School have been approved and on the 7th of June work commenced to build our new 'Rainbow Classroom', which will be ready to welcome pupils from September 2021.

Each week we will be taking some pictures to document the progress of the build which will be posted below!

We hope you enjoy keeping up with events!

Week 1:

The contractors have been busy dismantling the interior of our old 'pink base' and 'bunker' building and are now starting to remove the concrete from around the base, ready to remove the structure!


Week 2:

The whole structure has now dismantled and removed from site ready for the new build to commence!


Week 3:

Week 3 of the new classroom build with and the heavy machinery has been at work! It is good to know that Rainbow Class will start with some solid foundations for future students!


Week 4:

The excavation site has significantly increased in area and we have taken delivery of some of the raw materials ready to start the construction.


Week 5:

The newly dug footprint of the building is being filled with base materials and new heavy machinery has arrived along with more building materials!


End of Term Update:

After a delay to the build, caused by a difficultly in sourcing some of the materials required, things are hopefully now back on track. The 'hardcore' is in and being compacted and we are all looking forward to seeing the progress on our return after the holidays!


September Update:

After hitting a few snags and difficulties along the way, Rainbow Class is now standing proud and the team have been working around the clock this week to get everything ready to begin welcoming students from the 13th September. We cannot wait to meet everyone.