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At Harford Manor School we understand that the various conditions and diagnosis our pupils have mean that they find the unstructured nature of breaks and 'free time' difficult to access. Therefore we believe that offering extra curricular activities  at lunchtimes is important for the enjoyment and wellbeing of our pupils.

We currently offer three different lunchtime clubs, 'Art Club' on a Monday, 'Cartoon Club' on a Wednesday and a 'Disco' every Friday. Pupils are able to decide whether they wish to access these clubs on a weekly basis and are always supported by familiar staff when they choose to take part.

Information regarding each of these clubs can be found below: 


'Art Club' is a very popular choice amongst our students with a range of different creative activities on offer each week, including collaging, modelling and printing based sessions, whilst there is always a drawing and colouring table set up for those students who simply wish to relax and be expressive in their own way.

Have a look at the galleries at the bottom of the page to see few of our recent activities.



'Cartoon Club' offers the chance for our pupils to come together and share and laugh along to some classic and modern cartoon shows whilst relaxing on beanbags with some popcorn! The choice of show is decided each week by the pupils attending and there are some iPads on offer to watch alternative choices too.

Have a look at the galleries at the bottom of the page to see few of our recent activities.


'Disco' has long been established as a firm Friday favourite with pupils of all ages and staff alike! Run by a selection of our staff on a rotational basis, all genres and styles of music are covered and students are free to 'cut some shapes' and express themselves! 

Have a look at the galleries below to see few of our recent 'disco diva' moves.


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