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Assessment Data 

Due to the complex needs of our students, Harford Manor School does not produce much of the formal data that attributes to many of the standardised performance results. However, you can access our 'Government School Performance Data' using the link below.



Harford Manor School Performance Data

Performance data specific to our school and further information regarding our assessment can be found below.

Pupil Progress and Target Setting

At the heart of effective teaching and learning is good quality, consistent and continuous assessment and recording.  We cannot plan for progress if we do not have an understanding of where the pupil is and how he or she has arrived there. We are committed to giving all our pupils every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards. Target setting is the means by which we identify specific and measurable goals that help to improve the standards achieved by all our pupils. These targets are generated from the pupil’s Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) outcomes, these are agreed at the annual review by all those supporting the pupil and the pupil themselves if appropriate, these are then addressed in our termly Personalised Learning Goals (PLGs).

The targets aim to break down the pupil’s individual barriers to learning, whilst looking forward to help equip them to build solid foundations for their futures, incorporating effective communication, promoting independence and building confidence. 

Measuring Holistic Progress

At Harford Manor we are passionate about what holistic progress looks like for each and every one of our pupils and our range of assessment routes support us to recognise wider achievement and identify where additional support is needed. The particular pathway that each pupil takes will depend on their need, this will then determine their curricular route, this includes;

  • Ongoing teacher assessment.
  • Moderated curricular assessment using one or a combination of three frameworks; Autism Education Trust (AET), Harford Steps and OCR accreditation, within Earwig, (an App and software package that enables staff to capture teaching evidence, pupils work, photographs, videos, make assessments, celebrate achievement and create timelines).
  • Annual Review and termly Personalised Learning Goal (PLG) progress.

We need to include in our model of progress those pupils for whom maintaining skills is good “progress” and we need to recognise the importance of generalising skills with different people and in different settings. We should be able to recognise different types of progress and celebrate the achievements and attainments of our pupils.  Our pupils can develop their self-esteem if they and others can celebrate what they have achieved.

 School Specific Assessment Data

Harford Manor School Pupil Progress Summary 2020-2021

Harford Manor School Pupil Progress Summary 2021-2022

Harford Manor School Pupil Progress Summary 2022-2023

 To find out more about our school assessment please click on the quick links below:

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