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 Learning from Home Support

At this difficult time we hope that you find the information we have added to our website useful in supporting your child in the home. We hope to reorganise this content under subject headings as soon as possible. However, for now you will find all activities ordered chronologically, linked to the dates the activity / information was added to the site.

Please scroll down to find our main 'closure support' resources or use the quick link buttons below to navigate to further support pages that may be of interest

Support for Parents and Families The Zones of Regulation

Messages from our Teams Lockdown Galleries 

Free 'Twinkl' Support 'Able2B' Classes from Home

Coronavirus Information HMS Twitter Feed

Home Activities and Learning Support

Boxathon Event - Friday 27th November 

This Friday many of our students will be taking part in a sponsored 'Boxathon' event to help raise money for a local charity 'Able2B' and there are 3 different videos which you may want to have a go at if you are currently learning at home....


The event marks their two year anniversary and many of our students have joined them on their journey and taken advantage of the fantastic service and support they provide. Below you will find a video, which shows a little bit about what 'Able2B' are all about and a link to their 'Just Giving' page linked to the 'Boxathon' event. Please do consider giving a donation if you are able to!

'Able2B' Just Giving Page

Autumn Term - Class Specific Support Pages

If for any reason your child is required to self isolate, or is subject to a COVID-19 related absence, you will find a small selection of class appropriate resources below. These links and activity sheets are not necessarily related to our current school topic but are designed to provide an accessible form of home learning for all ages and abilities.

Please also look at your child's class page, where you will find your class's 'continued learning at home' document for this topic, which contains ideas for home and any other class specific resources from teachers.

As always, if you would like any specific support / resources that cannot be found in the list below, then please contact your class teacher directly

  • Please find a sheet of home learning ideas covering each of our curriculum areas for our Foundation Stage group (Yellow Class). For further information or support regarding the ideas contained please contact your class teacher via the usual channels.

Home Learning Support for Yellow Class - Foundation Stage

  • Please find Home Learning Support Ideas for KS2 (Red and Blue Class) below. For further information or support regarding the ideas contained please contact your class teacher via the usual channels.

Home Learning Support for Red and Blue Class - Key Stage 2

  • The sheet below contains a small selection of links and ideas for any pupils needing to learn from home from Green Class, which is our primary department Autistic Resource Base (ARB). Please contact your class teacher for support or additional resources.

Home Learning Support for Green Class (Primary ARB)

  • Below is a sheet of home learning ideas suitable for any pupils based in White or Orange Class which are our KS3 and KS4 classes. The literacy and numeracy resources regarding the upcoming secondary pantomime (below) may also be suitable for many of these students. Please contact you class teacher directly if you need any support or further resources.

Home Learning Support for Orange and White Class (KS3/4)

  • You will find a selection of links and activities suitable for the pupils in our Further Education class (F.E.) below.  The literacy and numeracy resources regarding the upcoming secondary pantomime (below) may also be suitable for many of these students. Please contact you class teacher directly if you need any support or further resources.

Home Learning Support for F.E. (Further Education)

  • Below is a sheet of home learning ideas suitable for any pupils having to self-isolate from our secondary 'Autistic Resource Base' classes (Purple or Lodge). Please contact you class teacher directly if you need any support or further resources.

Home Learning Support for Purple and Lodge Classes (Secondary ARBs)

Topic Themed Activities and Resources

  • Below you will find a lovely interactive story reading of 'The Magic Train Ride' from Valentina, our Yellow Class teacher. We have also added the 'singalong' YouTube version Valentina mentions too!

  • Here is a Magic themed follow along at home craft and counting activity, created by our very own 'Magic Maz'! Please take a look at the resources list that you will need to gather before joining in at home!
To Make Magic Wands 

Branches, glue, paint, glitter, wool, a paint brush, glue stick or brush 

To Make Broom sticks

Card, pipe cleaners, scissors, beads

Secondary Pantomime Themed Resources

  • This year the secondary department will be working together (in socially distanced ways) to produce our own version of the story of Aladdin! Below you will find some numeracy and literacy and art lesson ideas themed around 'pantomimes' which your child may enjoy.

Theatre Royal Pantomimes - Literacy Activity

Aladdin - Counting - Numeracy Activity

Aladdin - 3 Wishes - Literacy Activity

Aladdin - Magic Carpet Ride - Literacy Activity

Aladdin - Magic Carpet Paint Dabbing / Mixing - Craft Activity

Colour Mixing Support Page

Aladdin - Magic Carpet Tissue Paper - Craft Activity

Autumn Term - Themed Day Activities

  • You will find a selection of Children in Need themed activities below ready for the big day on Friday 13th October. All kindly added from Twinkl

Addition to 10 Activity

Addition to 20 Activity

Code Breaker Maths Challenge

Subtraction to 10 Activity

Subtraction to 20 Activity

Pudsey Colour by Numbers

Colouring Pages

Pudsey Mask

Recipes and Baking Ideas Page

Spot the Difference Game

Pudsey's Spots Finger Painting Activity

Pencil Control Sheets

  • Please find below some resources linked to Remembrance Day which may be topical and of interest to share with your child at home. These activities are for a range of interests and abilities, all reproduced with thanks from Twinkl.

Remembrance Day Writing Pages

Remembrance Day Colouring

Remembrance Day Dot to Dot

Poppy Biscuits Recipe

Poppy Paper Crafts

Remembrance Day Soldier Outline Cutouts

Acrostic Poem Activity

Design a Medal Activity

Fill in the Blanks Remembrance Day Activity Sheets

Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

Wreath Activity

Remembrance Day Reading Comprehension

Wordsearch Sheet

Poppy Templates

Handprint Remembrance Day Wreath

  • Becky has produced a page of ideas to support fine motor skills development that could be reproduced at home.

Fine Motor Skills Support

Below you will find a wide range of additional activities, links and resources added during the period of school closures 

New Content for Week Beginning 20th July (Closure Support Weeks)

  • Now lockdown has eased, Milo our school dog has been able to get out and visit his friends for a play date. You can watch his day of fun in the video below!

  • Yoga Gems is a local company dedicated to delivering tailored yoga and relaxation sessions for children to help them feel happy, content and comfortable in their own skin. They are offering both online and open air sessions over the summer period and more details can be found on their website below.

Yoga Gems

  • In the video below, Georgie reads one of Blue Class's favourite stories, "Pete the Cat -I Love My White Shoes", we hope you enjoy listening to it and maybe joining in too! There is also a link to the 'Pete the Cat' website where you will find games, activities and more stories to share.

Pete the Cat Website

  • Below you will find a selection of summer based craft activities from Twinkl to try at home.

Hand Print Sunflower Craft Instructions

Paper Plate Sunflower Craft Instructions

Ice Cream Cone Craft Instructions

Seaside In a Bottle Craft Instructions

Citrus Scented Rice Recipe

Summer Matching Connecting Bricks Game

Summer Sensory Bottle Instructions

  • Ever wanted to Take a walk in someone else's shoes, well now you can in this fun video from Valentina.... Can you guess where she went?

  • All of our students should now have been allocated a set pattern for days for when they initially return to school in September. The calendars below should help to create a visual timetable for those students who need one to help explain this temporary approach to their schooling. Their are two calendars, one for each pattern of days and the first week has been completed on each, with symbols to cut and stick onto subsequent days.

Visual Calendar - Monday / Tuesday Group

Visual Calendar - Thursday / Friday Group

  •  The Blue Bubble has been a hive of artistic creation over recent weeks  and below we have shared a few photos of their masterpieces along with some brief instructions explaining how you can have a go at home!
  • 'Wool Web Spiders' are great fun to make combining a range of natural materials. All you need is 6 large sticksstring and some wool. Position the sticks and lash together with string in the middle then use the wool to weave in between and around the sticks to create a spiders web design. You can then add your own spider by either making a wool pom pom or by using a pine cone with stick or pipe cleaners for legs.


  • 'Chalk Silhouettes' are a really simple idea and can be adapted to fit any interest or topic. All you need is a pack of coloured chalks, some black paper and some white paper. Simply cut out a simple shape or patter from the white paper and place it on top of the black paper (securing with a little tac if available). Ask your child to colour / mark make over the top of the shape, then after a while simply peel away the white card to reveal the outline of the design created by the chalk strikes on the page.


  • 'Leaf Rubbing' is an activity many of you will have tried before but it is a great activity to explore nature either in your garden or further afield. All you will need is some paper and wax crayons to find objects with different textures and then simply place the paper over the top and rub over the top with the crayon. This can either be done whilst out and about or you can bring objects back home to create your artwork with.


  •  Below are another set of 'summer themed' worksheets and activities, which have been covered as part of the 'Red Bubble' topic work recently. (Thank you to Twinkl for the resources).

Summer Activity Booklet

Summer Pairs Matching Game

Winter and Summer Clothes Sorting Activity

Seaside Themed Colouring Sheets

  • Valentina has produced another 'story massage'demonstration, this time with a bedtime story, we hope you enjoy trying it at home. Further information and explanation can be found in her previous videos posted below.

  • Below you will find a short list of local Norfolk attractions that you may wish to consider visiting now that lockdown restrictions have started to ease. Please plan your trips carefully and check websites / local information before visiting.

Norfolk Places To Visit




New Content for Week Beginning 13th July

  •  Able2B have released plans for Summer classes and activities, including online sessions via 'Zoom' and setting up some 'satellite venues' around Norwich where participants can hopefully come together and work together. Please see the letter below for more information, or click on their Logo to be taken to their sign up page!

Able2B Virtual School Information

  • Norfolk County Council have put together a 'Big Norfolk Summer Fun Pack' which is packed full of activities and ideas to keep children active and entertained over the summer months. A link to the challenges and their web page can be found by clicking on the logo below!

  • Below you will find some links to reading comprehension worksheets and activities (Thanks to Twinkl) all about 'British Wildlife' and 'Beach Safety' which link to some of the work in the 'Blue Class Bubble' this week that you may like to try at home.

Doorstep Wildlife Reading Comprehension

Bats Reading Comprehension

Shark Fact Files

Sun Sea and Beach Safety Information Sheets

  •  The Anna Freud Centre have produced the booklet below with activities and ideas to help support and promote children's positive mental health. Some activities may not be suitable for all our pupils but could be a starting point or adapted to try at home. 

Selfcare Summer Activity Pack

  •  Here is another 'make it' video from Manu.... this time she is creating a castle using just some cardboard, paper and Pringles tubes that can then be used for some imaginative role play at home with some small world toys.



New Content for Week Beginning 6th July

  • Please find the latest edition of the 'First News' newspaper below

First News Newspaper

  • Manu has kindly filmed the video below, showing how to create a sailing boat using recyclable materials. Why don't you have a go at building your own. We would love to see the pictures of your creations!

  • 'Dancercise' with Becky is back.... We hope you all enjoy and join in with her new video below!

  • Below you will find a quick video with instructions about how to create your own 'blow football' game to enjoy at home.  

  • This week in school some of our students have been enjoying games of 'Hide and Seek' using topic themed symbols hidden either outside (weather permitting) or around the classroom. They have to tick each symbol off a checklist as they find them and you will find both the symbols and checklist below to download. Why not have a go at home too!

Summer Themed Symbols

Hide and Seek Symbols Checklist

  •  High Ash Farm is located just outside Norwich City Centre and is a great destination for walks and dedicated nature trails / conservation areas. Why not pay them a visit and follow one of their many walking trails to see what you can find? For further information, click on their logo below!

  •  In Art it can be great fun to use common objects for unusual purposes and in the video below you will see how you can use a wax candle to draw 'invisible pictures' that are revealed when sprayed or washed over with water based paints!


  •  Monika has also been getting creative with ice, making her own 'break out' treasures buried in ice, which can provide lots of fun and develop fine motor skills as you try to dig to the treasure and find out which toy is hidden inside! She has also been freezing a paint and water mix to use for ice painting (however you may wish to add a little more paint to the mix)! You will find the instructions and some examples in the videos below! 


  • This week the 'Blue Class Bubble' are learning all about Minibeasts and below you will find some English based activities including a word search, fact cards and a reading comprehension exercise that may be suitable for some of our pupils to try at home.

(Thank you to Twinkl for producing some of the resources)

Minibeasts Word Search

Bee Fact Cards

Honeybee Reading Comprehension Pack

  • In the 'Red Class Bubble' they have read the story 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman and been learning all about Dinosaurs! Below you will find a reading of the story along with some dinosaur related activities to try at home.

(Thank you to Twinkl for producing some of the resources)


Dinosaur and Colours Ideas Sheet

Dinosaur Colouring Sheets

Dinosaur Counting Worksheet



New Content for Week Beginning 29th June 2020

  •  This week the pupils in the 'Red Class Bubble' have been enjoying the book 'Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and below you will find a story reading and a selection of activities, including colouring sheets and making your own 'rainbow fish' out of playdough.

A Letter from the Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish Collage Template

Rainbow Fish Playdough Activity

  • The 'Blue Class Bubble' have been learning all about creatures under the sea and below you will find a selection of linked activities, including fact cards and word searches. (Thank you to Twinkl for creating the resources)

Under The Sea Fact Cards

Under the Sea Questions and Answers

Under the Sea Word Search (Simple)

Under the Sea Word Search (Advanced)

Under the Sea Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

  • Below you will find some money and time telling (quarter to and quarter past) worksheets which have been shared with some of our families to support learning at home which may be of interest

Counting Mixed Coins Activity

Drawing on the Times - Quarter to and Quarter Past

  • One of our students is starting to shave and is learning about facial hair and body changes in puberty. Below you will find some links and resources we have shared with his family which may be of use for others.

(Please note due to the nature of this topic, some of the content or images below may not be appropriate for all young people)

Information for Boys about Puberty

Puberty Information for Boys (Twinkl e-book)

Web MD - Facts about Growing Facial Hair

* Razor review and test video included as this is the model the pupil this looking to purchase

  • Below you will find the latest newsletter from the Norfolk Libraries Education Service 'Book Bites', which contains a list of useful links, resources and activity ideas!

Book Bites Newsletter

  •  Due to the social distancing measures in place at the moment, this year's Norwich Lord Mayor's Procession on Saturday 4th July will be going ahead virtually! For more information and details about how you can take part, click on the link below. 

Virtual Lord Mayor's Procession - Saturday 4th July



New Content for Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

  • Jane Fielding is a Portage 'home visitor' and she has created her own YouTube channel, where she will be posting regular videos, which can either be shared directly with children at home or be a source of ideas for parents. We have added some of her most recent videos below, where you will also find a link to her channel. We hope you find them useful.

Jane Fielding - Play a Little, Learn a Lot YouTube Channel

  •  The Time and Tide Museum have launched a fun project to try and document the feelings of our region during the recent lockdown and it would be great if some of our families wanted to get involved. All the details and instructions can be found in the video below.


  • Below you will find some ideas to try at home to fit in with our 'Summer' topic all about flowers including a scavenger hunt challenge and craft activities (with thanks to Twinkl for creating this resource) . 

Flowers Challenge Sheet

Flower Hunt Checklist

  • We have also added a wider nature themed scavenger hunt sheet below (with thanks to Twinkl for creating this resource).

Nature Trail Scavenger Hunt

  • Here are a few more seaside themed worksheets which will help to develop some simple phonics (phase 4)money and time telling skills. (with thanks to Twinkl for creating these resources)

Phase 4 Phonics - Missing Sounds At the Seaside

How Much do the Ice Creams Cost?

Telling the Time - Match the Ice Creams

Telling the Time - Summer Themed Questions




New Content for Week Beginning 15th June 2020

  • The latest editions of our student newspapers can be found below.

Picture News - Week Beginning 15th June

First News - 11th June

  • To fit in with our new 'summer' topic, Ruth has created a selection of 'Bingo Boards' with words and symbols relating to this theme for you to print out and have a go with at home.

Summer Themed Bingo Boards

  •  Some of our families have been asking for some simple Maths activities to try at home so we will be adding some over the coming days. Below you will find a variety of simple Maths sequencing sheets and addition sheets.

Sequencing Sheets

Addition Sheets

  • Don't forget, this Friday is the Norfolk School Games 'Rainbow Run'... We hope many of you will be taking part! Details below.


  •  Georgie has created the video below with a special song and some playdough fun to help develop our fine motor skills. We have also included the song lyrics and a playdough recipe too!

Playdough Song Lyrics

Rubber Playdough Recipe

  •  As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, with more places opening to the public, why don't you try the new 'Active Norfolk' Activity Finder, which helps you locate and preview a huge variety of different activities, which can be either accessed remotely from your own home or out in your local area.

Active Norfolk Activity Finder

  •  Pupils who are accessing the school provision at the moment are exploring a new 'Summer' themed topic. Below you will find a lovely video story from Nick Sharratt called 'Look What I Found', all about a trip to the seaside and instructions about how to make a summer themed sensory bottle courtesy of 'Twinkl'.

Summer Sensory Bottle Instructions

Summer Sensory Bottle Labels

  • 'Twinkl' have also released a sound sensory bottle pack which would could be great fun to try at home. Thank you again to 'Twinkl' for the instruction sheets below!

Clink Clank Sound Sensory Bottle

Ding Dong Sound Sensory Bottle

Rustle Rustle Sound Sensory Bottle

Splashy Sound Sensory Bottle

Thud Thud Sound Sensory Bottle

  •  'Family' are a Danish based company who specialise in 'Early Years' solutions and they have produced this fantastic booklet that included the '50 Top EYFS Activity Ideas', many of which would be suitable and beneficial to use with our students.

The EYFS Activity Library - Top 50 Activities



New Content for Week Beginning 8th June 2020

  • The latest editions of our online newspaper subscriptions can be found below.

Picture News - Week Beginning 8th June

First News - 5th - 11th June

First News - 20 'News bites'

  • Catherine Newell is offering an online training / advice session centred around supporting 'private time' for children with complex needs on 19th June at 6:30pm via Facebook. More details can be found using the link below.

Private Time: Working with People with Learning Disabilities

  •  A big thank you to Georgia from 'Sensi' for this lovely 'yoga story version' of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We have also re-posted our Music Therapists animated version of the same story below. Enjoy!


  •  This week's challenge from the 'Norfolk Virtual School Games' is netball based! Take a look at the video below for more details.

  • The latest installment of 'Cooking with Claire' is here and this week she is making cookies! Below you will find the recipe and instructional video to follow at home!

Cookies Recipe

  • For an added twist this week... we are adding a 'bake off element', as one of our old friends 'Alex' has also been in the kitchen making her own peanut butter cookies and her video can be found below too! Why not have a go at both and let your class teacher know which one was tastiest! 

  •  The Norfolk Libraries Summer Reading Challenge is here and we would love some of our pupils and families to take part. Further information can be found using the links and by watching the video below.  You can also email Norfolk Libraries using this address:

Summer Reading Challenge - Information and Registration

Norfolk E-Book Library Link


New Content for Week Beginning 1st June 2020

  • The latest editions of our school newspaper subscriptions can be found below.

Picture News - Week Beginning 1st June

  • Below you will find a lovely video story, 'While We Can't Hug', which tries to explain social distancing to children and why they may need to act differently around their friends and loved ones during the pandemic.

  • Becky has created a two sheets of simple ideas based around our new school topic 'summer'. One is full of art ideas and the other is sensory based. Have a go at some of the techniques and share your experiences/masterpieces via email with your class teachers!

Summer Themed Art Ideas

Summer Themed Sensory Ideas

  • Don't forget, today marks the start of '30 Days Wild'! Take a look at the table for some suggestions for today's 'wild activity' and you can still sign up using the link below!

Sign Up for '30 Days Wild'

  •  We have just received some information from the Special School Support Partnership about the next 'Virtual School Games Challenge.... Challenge 6 is a 'Rainbow Run' due to take part on the 19th June! The aim is to get as many young people walking, jogging, or running on the same day as possible and further details can be found in the video below.

  •  Linking to our Summer theme and the start of '30 Days Wild', one of our team, Manu, has created two short videos demonstrating how you can use objects found around your garden or on walks to create some lovely pieces of artwork! 


  •  Many of our students use a typing programme called 'Symwriter' when at school, which uses a combination of words and corresponding symbols to aid understanding whilst typing on a computer. If this is something you may like to try at home then a trial version can be downloaded free of charge for 21 days using the link below.

Symwriter 21 Day Free Trial

  •  Please find a new set of signs from the Signalong Charity linking to COVID-19 to help with pupil understanding.

COVID-19_Signalong Signs



New Content for Week Beginning 18th May 2020

  • The latest editions of our school newspaper subscriptions can be found below.

Picture News - WB 18th May

  • The Attention Autism approach can be used to introduce or teach almost any subject material, and this week Hannah has produced a video which uses these Attention Autism 'attention builder' techniques to explore emotions and the Zones of Regulation system.

  • Here is the latest installment of 'Cooking with Claire' and this week she is making 'Rocky Road'. You will find both a symbolised recipe and instructional video below.

Rocky Road Recipe

  • We all love a bit of 'Disney' and now Disneyland Paris have produced a variety of games and activities which can be downloaded to try at home. These can be found by clicking on the icon below.

  • The Wildlife Trust have just released their annual '30 Days Wild' Challenge, with a different activity to try every day throughout the month of June. Their challenge packs can be downloaded to use at home by clicking on the image below and signing up for free!

  •  Each week, the Norfolk Schools Games is setting a new challenge for pupils to try at home. The latest challenge for this week is based on golf! Take a look at the video below and further information or details of past challenges can be found by clicking on the link.

Norfolk Virtual School Games Challenges

  •  As more of our pupils begin to access school provision on a part time basis, their new routines are being disrupted and this can cause additional challenges or anxiety. To try and help them understand their new school timetable, Trina has created a symbolised calendar, where each square can be filled in with either a picture of school or a home symbol (or picture of your home if this is clearer for your child). We hope this helps.

School Timetable Calendar

  • Below you will find 3 different variations on a 'bug hunt' checklist to use either in the garden or when you are out and about enjoying a nature trail. There is a symbol version, a word version and a challenge sheet where you have to find a certain number of each of the bugs... Happy hunting!

Bug Hunt Symbols

Bug Hunt Words

Bug Hunt Quantities

  • Below you will find the latest installment of 'Becky's Dancercise', she hopes you all enjoy it 'Together'!

  • Following on from Hannah's explanation and Sam's demonstration video all about Sensory Circuits / Diets which were posted last week, below we have shared some further information about this subject from Bill Nason, who has published books and hosts a Facebook profile called 'The Autism Discussion Page' where these details were kindly shared. We hope many of you may find them useful. 

Sensory Diet Information from Bill Nason

  •  We know you are all missing lots of different things about coming into school, especially seeing our teachers friends and other familiar faces. One 'person' many of you will certainly be missing is Milo our school dog, so Cathie has kindly recorded a typical 'lockdown day' for Milo to share with you all!

  •  Our P.E. lead Darren has recommended that those looking for some ideas to keep active at home take a look at the Norfolk Schools Sport Partnership website, as they have lots of free resources available. There resources are split into 4 main categories and links to each of these pages can be found below.

P.E. Home Learning

60 Second Challenges

Active Breaks

Health and Wellbeing

  • Our Play Therapist, Valentina, has created this 'creative visualisation' video for you to try at home, which should help you and/or your child have some mental and physical relaxation. We hope you enjoy it! 

  • Please find another story reading from our Music Therapist Jon, this time we are all 'Going on a Bear Hunt' and the video contains some lovely small world reenactment to fit in with the story. We hope you enjoy it.




New Content for Week Beginning 11th May 2020

  • This weeks editions of our online newspaper subscriptions can be found below.

Picture News - WB 11th May

First News - 8th May

  • At Harford Manor 'Sensory Circuits' are frequently used with many of our students and can be beneficial in helping pupils to be well regulated and ready to learn. Each circuit contains three sections, 'Alerting', 'Organising' and 'Calming' activities and these can be easily adapted to suit the particular needs of individual children. Below you will find some information about how the concept of sensory circuits is interpreted and used at Harford Manor School, along with a fantastic video from one of our team, Sammy, with some ideas and demonstrations. We hope you find this useful.

Sensory Circuits at Harford Manor


  • Please find the next installment of 'dancercise' with Becky below! Whatever your ability, we hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to get up, get moving, keep active and have fun!

  •  Many of you enjoyed the story reading of 'The Gruffalo' from our Music Therapist Jon, so he has kindly recorded another story, following up with 'The Gruffalo's Child', which can be viewed below.

  •  Georgie has kindly recorded a story reading of 'The Invisible String' written by Patrice Karst, which contains a lovely message for all of our students about how we are always connected to the people we love, no matter what... We hope you enjoy it.

  • Hannah has created another Attention Autism video for you, featuring a range of topical 'attention builder'activities which can be recreated at home with your child using a few simple resources. Please do share any pictures and videos with your class teachers. 

  • This week we are starting to add a new weekly feature 'Cooking with Claire' with a recipe and instructional to follow. This week Claire is cooking Soda Bread and she would love to see any pictures of your baking attempts at home shared via class teachers. (P.S. According to Claire, any added dog hair from interested pets just adds to the flavour!)

Soda Bread Recipe

  •  One of our parents has asked for some advice regarding supporting children with sleeping habits and bedtime routines, so we thought we would share some information leaflets from 'The Children's Sleep Charity' below. We hope others may find them useful too.

The Children's Sleep Charity - General Information

The Children's Sleep Charity - Sleep and Diet Information

The Children's Sleep Charity - Relaxation Tips for Bedtime

The Children's Sleep Charity - How to Create a Calm Bedroom

The Children's Sleep Charity Bedtime Routines

More information can be found on their website by clicking on the link below:

The Children's Sleep Charity - Website

  • Some of our parents have asked for some symbols to add to visual timetables when their children are attending the school provision, so we have created the symbol sheet below with a 'school' symbol, then pictures of each of the class signs to help them to understand they may be working in different classes at this time.

Symbols for School

  • We have now created an additional page of resources and activity ideas based around 'The Zones of Regulation' which some parents may find useful. This will be updated on a regular basis and a link has been added to the top of this page for easy future access. Alternatively you can click on the icon below.


  •  Below you will find a link to a document published by Flo Longhorn titled 'Special Apps for Very Special Learners', which includes a list of recommended tablet applications that are user friendly and accessible for many of our students. She also shares ideas for  sensory play and fine motor skills development.

Flo Longhorn - Special Apps for Very Special Learners



New Content for Week Beginning 4th May 2020

  • The Attention Autism approach is an important tool used in many of our classes to support and improve pupils focus, interaction and communicative skills (more information can be found below in our pre summer term ideas section). One of our teachers, Hannah, has kindly created the video below, demonstrating some of the 'attention grabbing' techniques she uses in class every day. The activities have been created using many common household items and are suitable to be done on a 1:1 basis with your child at home. We would love to see any pictures or videos of you having a go yourselves! 

  • The latest editions of our online newspapers can be found below.

Picture News - WB 4th May

  • Despite the lockdown, with a bit of imagination it is still possible to visit many famous landmarks, zoos, museums, aquariums and even space from the comfort of your sofa using this list of 'virtual Tours' below. Destinations include the Tate Galleries, Barcelona;s Camp Nou, The Pyramids of Egypt and even Mars!

Over 60 Virtual Tours and Trips

  • The Oak National Academy offers online lesson content based around a specialist curriculum including tutorial and lesson videos in the following areas; 'Communication and Language', 'Creative Arts', 'Independent Living', 'Numeracy', and 'Therapies'. Their is a variety of content, much of which should be suitable fr our students. A link to their site can be found below.  

The Oak National Academy - Specialist Archive

  • Please find below a selection of matching activities which can be printed and cut out to use at home. There are picture to picture matching, picture to word matching and colour matching games  and remember, you can always start with a few at a time and add more options as your child becomes familiar / confident with the task. Thank you to Hannah for producing them.

Pet Matching

Shape Matching

Teddy Matching

Transport Matching

Weather Matching

Wild Animal Matching

Car Colour Matching

Farm Animal Matching

Number Matching

Fruit Matching

Body Part Matching

  •  Thank you Ruth for creating a daily diary planner template and supporting symbols which could be used at home to either plan or report on each day in a number of ways (ideas contained within the document)

Daily Diary Planner Sheets

  • Scholastic are offering a range of free resources and activity packs to support books by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. These are available to download using the link below.

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Resources from Scholastic

  •  Some of our students can struggle at times of transition and a 'Now and Next' board can really help with this.'Now and Next', is a particularly useful strategy if your child or young person is struggling to cope with a larger timetable, it can be used to break down smaller pieces of information/ work/ jobs for your child. They can also add motivation to a task; for example 'now writing, next iPad'.  One of our earlier videos explained how the whiteboards could be used for this purpose, but below you will now also find a paper version which may be easier for some.

Now and Next Board

  • For some of our parents, taking their children shopping is a necessity not a choice but this shopping can be a particular challenge for many of our young people. Below you will find some symbolised shopping lists which could be combined with pictures, words or food symbols as a visual aid to make this job more engaging and even an additional learning activity, asking them to match symbols to the products they see, or ticking off items as they go into the trolley. If you need any symbols to support with this then please contact Trina on with your requirements.

Shopping Lists

  •  Becky has created a keep fit 'dancercise' video, set to one of our favourite songs, for you all to enjoy. So get up, copy the moves if you can or just dance around.... The most important thing is that you keep active and have fun doing it!

  •  A little V.E. Day Bank Holiday treat you you.... with the second installment of Ian and Hannah's Harford Manor Lockdown Quiz! We hope you enjoy it. Add up your correct answers and ask parents share your scores with school next time they speak to us!


New Content for Week Beginning 27th April 2020

  • Our Design and Technology Lead, Claire has created a recipe book containing many simple recipes which can be followed at home (see link below).

Harford Manor Recipe Book

  • 'Mini Me Yoga' are offering free support  and professionals, so that we can help ALL children to stay balanced, focused and happy, together. They have created a FREE Facebook group which is open to ALL, where they will be sharing yoga games, breathing exercises, wellbeing activities, craft ideas, recipes, top tips and more. A link to this page can be found below.

Mini Me Mental Wellbeing Facebook Page

  • Please find the latest versions of our online newspapers below.

Picture News

Picture News - Captain Tom Moore Special

First News

  • A big thank you to one of our staff members, Leah, who has produced the video below showing you some of our students favourite Attention Autism attention grabbing activities!

  • Below are some videos from another member of our team, Monika, who wanted to share some simple art techniques  which can easily be replicated at home.


  • As the weather looks to have 'turned for the worse', the garden may no longer be the fun option it was! Therefore we have created a sheet of possible 'rainy day' activities to keep our young people active and engaged inside. These ideas should work particularly well for primary aged students or could easily adapted to suit older needs. We hope you find them fun!

Rainy Day Activity Ideas

  • Our Signalong Tutor Trina has put together a short video (below) of the 15 most commonly used signs in school which we hope may help at home.

  • The one we have all been waiting for.... Ian has decided to record a 'Harford Manor School Lockdown Quiz' for everyone to enjoy which can be found below! Apologies that the quality of this video isn't quite as good as others but it needed to be reduced because of its size! To be honest the old fashioned feel only adds to Ian's delivery and I am sure he wouldn't have it any other way!


  •  TTS have produced some great new activity packs which can be printed to use at home. These can be found below.

EYFS Spring Activities Pack

Primary Spring Activities Pack

  •  Please find another update below from Valentina with some new 'story massage' techniques below. Her first video can be found in last weeks content block.

  • Some of the Blue Class team have recorded a few art videos to enjoy at home. Georgie explains how to make a magic rainbow (in true 'Art Attack' fast motion style) and Tracy has created two 'spinning top art' videos, which is a popular activity in many classes, one using pens and another using paints. They are strangely hypnotic and relaxing!





New Content for Week Beginning 20th April 2020

  • From 20 April, BBC Bitesize will be offering regular daily lessons in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, in an expanded version of their website. There will also be special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button. You can find out more using the link below.

BBC Bitesize

  • Below you will find some easy read news papers that some of our students may enjoy sharing with family members at home. They will be updated on a weekly basis.

First News Edition 10th AprilPicture News Edition 20th April

  • Two more story links below from an Italian author Francesca Dall'Ara, who has written a book to explain the coronavirus to children called 'Story of the Coronavirus'. There is a version made with 'Symwriter' too

Story of the Coronavirus Book

Story of the Coronavirus Book - Symbolised Version

  • Norfolk County Council have sent out a series of links regarding how to help and support young people who are worries about Coronavirus and this list includes specific support for children with autism. The advice letter can be found by clicking on the link below.

Norfolk County Council Child Friendly Coronavirus Support

  • One of our teachers, Valentina, has kindly recorded a video to explain and demonstrate 'Story Massage' with a example set to the rhyme Twinkle Twinkle. She will be posting further examples in the coming days and these can be found below.

  • Our Music Therapist Jon has also recorded a special storybook reading of 'The Gruffalo' for our students to enjoy. We hope to add more stories on a weekly basis!

  • We have created a visual timetable schedule based around the use of a storybook (any one from the home setting your child enjoys would work) that may be useful to help provide structure for some parents. The timetable and an explanation sheet written by one of our class teachers can be found below.

Editable Visual Timetable Example

Timetable Explanation and Ideas Sheet

  • Some of our families have been asking for some facial features and body parts symbols, so we have created the sheet below to help with this.

Body Parts and Facial Features Symbols

  • The Signalong Charity have created a free training booklet to help support parents with signs at home and this includes instructions on how to produce 27 different signs. The booklet can be found using the link below.

Signalong Training Booklet

A parent from the school has found the 'ASD Bright Ideas' site really helpful to BUY resources from to use at home and asked us to share it with you. The link can be found below.

ASD Bright Ideas Website

  • Active Norfolk have put together some resources to help people with a disability to stay active at home, which improves physical health as well as boosting mental wellbeing. They have a range of ideas and instructional videos on their website and the link for this can be found below.

Active Norfolk Home Exercise Help

'Yoga at School' want to offer their expertise in teaching yoga  to children, parents, teachers, educators, carers and schools during the Coronavirus. Below you will find a link to 3 children's yoga lessons which can be used at home during the lockdown. These are SEND friendly and accessible for all.

Yoga Lessons from 'Yoga at School'

The Fizzy and Clever Hands Programme has been developed by therapists from the Kent Community NHS Trust. The programmes are recommended by occupational therapy for schools to use to assist in the development of motor skills for those children who find this challenging and they may be useful to try at home during the lockdown. It has three stages:

  • Beginners (level 1)

  • Intermediate (level 2)

  • Advanced (level 3)

Further information can be found by clicking  here  and the instruction and information leaflets for each of these programmes can be found below:

Body Awareness - Level One

Body Awareness - Level Two

Body Awareness - Level Three

Clever Hands - Level One

Clever Hands - Level Two

Clever Hands - Level Three

Ball Skills - Level One

Ball Skills - Level Two

Ball Skills - Level Three

Balance - Level One

Balance - Level Two

Balance - Level Three 

Pre Summer Term Content Below:

Stories to help with understanding

  • Below you will find a social story about the school closure, and two other stories linked to the current situation. One is called 'The little gnome who had to stay home' which is designed to explain why children are being asked to stay home at this time which also has a set of linked symbols which could help explain the content. The other, #Covibook, is written from the perspective of the virus and aims to reassure young people who may be worried about what they are hearing.

School Closure Social Story

The Little Gnome who had to Stay Home

The Little Gnome who had to Stay Home Symbols


  • One of our teachers, Georgie has also recorded her own story, explaining about the Coronavirus, why we are being asked to stay at home and the steps we can take to help keep ourselves safe and healthy, which you can watch below.


Timetables, Communication and Symbols

  • We have created a small bank of symbols specific to current circumstances which parents may find useful to help create routines or explain certain situations to their children. There is also a simple symbolised schedule which some parents may find useful to follow.

Communication Symbols - Sheet 1

Communication Symbols - Sheet 2

Simple Visual Schedule Example

  • We want to support our pupils and families individual needs. So if there are any particular symbols that you think you need to help to support your child at home that you cannot find here, then please email our communication lead, Trina, on and she will be able help with finding the images that you need.

  • Alternatively, you can create your own 'Widgit' account using the link and the details below which will provide new users with free and unrestricted access to 'Widgit Online' and it’s ready-made materials for 30 days. To create your own account, click on the link below and enter the code 'WIDGIT30'

Widgit Online Free Account Offer


Whiteboard and Pen Ideas

As part of the schools provision, we will be providing every pupil with a wipe clean whiteboard sheet and pen. Depending on your child and their level of understanding these can be used a variety of different ways, such as a 'Now and Next' board, a flexible 'visual timetable' in conjunction with some of the symbols provided above, or a doodle or writing surface to complete number work or practice hand writing skills.

Whiteboard Ideas

Gina Davies uses these boards during her Attention Autism sessions and two videos showing how this is done, and why this strategy is so important can be seen by clicking on the links below. Gina Davies is a leading figure in this particular area, and many more tips can be found by looking at her Facebook page (Gina Davies Autism Centre) and her website (

Gina Davies - Drawing and getting the Message Across

Gina Davies - Drawing and Making Things Easier for the Children

We have also added some videos of one of our class teachers explaining why you have received the whiteboard and demonstrating a few of the ways that it could be used to support your child at home.



Activity Ideas

  • TTS have produced several online activity books which contain a wide variety of ideas which are suitable for many of our young people. These can be downloaded using the links below

TTS Pupil Activity Book 1

TTS Pupil Activity Book 2

  • We have produced sheets with ideas for some homemade messy play and fine motor skills activities using household objects too

Homemade Messy Play and Fine Motor Skills Resources

Rubber Playdough Recipe

Coloured Rice Method

  • Audible are offering hundreds of their children's book titles for free during the school closures with no log ins or accounts required. A list of free titles can be found by clicking on the link below.

Audible Free Stories List

  • Our colleagues at Parkside School have also compiled a long list of online educational resources which can be found below

List of Online Education Resources

** The Department For Education in particular are signposting parents to a website called 'Hungry Little Minds' which includes activity ideas and support videos for parents. Take a look using the link below

Hungry Little Minds Campaign


P.E. and Fitness

Obviously regular physical activity, including sports, walks or other active games will be of great benefit to your young person to help keep them regulated and engaged. There are lots of physical activity suggestions in the class specific information sheets below and anything you can think of to help with this will also be of great benefit. However, our P.E. lead wanted to signpost you to a couple of additional links which are listed below.

Joe Wicks the 'Body Coach' will be running a morning workout via his YouTube channel every Monday to Friday at 9am specifically designed for you and your young person to enjoy together. His channel can be found by clicking on the link below.

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach TV (YouTube)

Or alternatively, the P.E. Co-ordinator from Parkside School (Iain Mills) is offering his own SEND friendly workouts including daily sensory circuits at 9:30am and P.E. workouts at 11:45am (Monday to Friday). You can find his YouTube channel by following the link below.

SEND Friendly Workouts with Mr. Mills

'Boogie Beebies' on the BBC website is recommended for our younger students, and a website called 'Go Noodle' has a range of work outs and activities suitable for many. This website is free for parents to sign up to. Both can be found with the links below.

Boogie Beebies

Go Noodle Website

Able2B are running online accessible fitness classes every Tuesday Morning at 11am. Details of how to join these free classes can be found by looking at the page in the 'closure support' sub - menu on our main website menu bar or clicking on the link below.

Able2B Class Information

The Assist Trust have also published a list of links and ideas to help families keep active during the current Government lockdown. Their list of suggestions can be found below.

Assist Trust - Ideas to Keep Active at Home


Cooking and Recipes

'Ellie's Cakery' is a local cake making company and throughout the Covid-19 lockdown they will be hosting 'Food Tech Fridays' with an online live bake that people can log in a follow with their child!

Ellie is uploading the recipe and ingredients list on her website every Monday, giving those wishing to take part enough time to find the bits they need. You can access Ellie's website by clicking here.

She is then posting a step by step video every Friday, which can be paused and rewound as needed. These videos are being uploaded to her YouTube Channel which can be accessed using the link below. Her first video, 'making cupcakes' is already there to follow if you want to take a look!

Ellie's Cakery - Food Tech Fridays

Many of our pupils love to cook! Therefore we have also created a selection of symbolised recipe sheets and sequences that you may like to follow with your child at home.

Cheese Straws Recipe

Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Fruit Scones Recipe

Gingerbread man Recipe

Pancakes Recipe

Pittabread Pizzas Recipe

Rice Crispie Cakes Recipe

Smarties Biscuits Recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Vegetable Soup Recipe


Class Specific Information

We understand that many of our pupils will find it hard to adapt to the changes to their routine school closures will cause. Therefore we have asked each class to provide a small selection of online links, learning ideas, songs, games and even trip destinations which your child will be familiar with.

Whilst we have provided this information in class sections, parents and carers are of course welcome to look at what other classes have suggested and use any of the information below if they think it may be useful to them!

The Primary Department

Green Class Support Information

Yellow Class Support Information

Yellow Easter Art Ideas

Red Class Support Information

Blue Class Support Information


The Secondary Department


White Class Support Information

Orange Class Support Information

Purple Class Support Information


Post 16 Classes

F.E. Support Information

Cullum Lodge Support Information