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Our Governing Body

Our School Governors meet on a regular basis, both as a full governing body and in their roles on various boards and committees.Our Chair of Governors Mark Lamb can be contacted if required using the following  Further details can be found in the documents included at the bottom of this page.


Mark Lamb (16th December 2022 - 16th December 2026)

  • Co-opted Governor
  • Chair of the Full Governing Body
  • Lead Governor for Finance (shared with Phil Henry)
  • Lead Governor for Pupil Premium (shared with Phil Henry)
  • Lead Governor for Sports Premium (shared with Phil Henry)
  • Lead Governor for Health and Safety
  • Lead Governor for Safeguarding


  • If you are interested in getting involved with the school community then becoming a School Governor at Harford Manor School could be a great way to offer support! For more details please enquire by emailing our Chair of Governors or contacting the school office.

 Phillip Henry (18th October 2020 - 17th October 2024)

  • Co-Opted Governor
  • Vice-Chair of the Full Governing Body
  • Lead Governor for Finance (shared with Mark Lamb)
  • Lead Governor for Pupil Premium (shared with Mark Lamb)
  • Lead Governor for Sports Premium (shared with Mark Lamb)
  • Lead Governor for Careers

 Sam Bettis (12 Sep 2023 – 11 Sep 2027)

  • Co-Opted Governor


  • Parent Governor
  • Lead Governor for GDPR and Cyber Security
  • Lead Governor for Website Compliance

 Matt Ridley (9th October 2020 - 8th October 2024)

  • Local Authority Governor
  • Lead Governor for Curriculum
  • Lead Governor for Attendance
  • Lead Governor for Careers
  • Lead Governor for LAC

Ruth Crawford (15th October 2021 - 12th October 2025)

  • Staff Governor

 Cheryl Frost-Cordy (1st January 2019)

  • Headteacher
  • Lead Governor for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

 Penny Folkard 

  • Clerk
  • Member of the Education Solutions Governance Service

Associate Governors

 Stuart Moore

 Cari Brown

  • School PASH Coordinator

 Cathie McLeod

  • Assistant Head

 Chris Allcock

  • Premisis Manager

Past Members

(over the previous 12 month period)

 Diana Keyzor (Stood Down - October 2022)

 Benedict Agibogu (Stood Down - April 2022)

 Isaac Wilder (Resigned - 17th October 2023)


Minutes of Full Governing Body Meetings are available on request. Please contact the school office on or by calling 01603 451809 Please find further details regarding our School Governance below:Harford Manor School Governor Constitution 2021-22Governors Code of Conduct 2023-2024Attendance Record for Full Governing Body Meetings 2021-22Attendance Record for Committee Meetings 2021-22Harford Manor School Governors Declaration of Pecuniary Interests 2021-22