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F.E. (Further Education) 

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Welcome to FE!

There are currently 11 students in FE supported by 5 members of staff. The focus of our curriculum is to prepare for life after school in both educational and home settings and to build on the skills that have already been learnt throughout the school.

We access taster sessions each year at both Easton and Norwich City colleges and visit a wide range of day service providers each spring term to prepare our students for leaving Harford Manor.

We practise home management skills weekly; learning how to use domestic appliances and carry out household chores, even cleaning the toilets! The students also learn about making drinks and snacks and help to cook simple meals in pairs on rota every Wednesday for all the class to have for lunch – delicious! We do PE at the UEA Sportspark every Tuesday, using the changing and showering facilities too. Students bring in money to buy their own lunch from a range of outlets including supermarkets, cafes, food outlets in the city and very occasionally the pub to celebrate an 18th birthday on Tuesdays also!

"all the work that goes on in FE is recognised and rewarded through the national OCR Life and Living Skills Accreditation system"Work experience in FE takes the form of doing jobs around school during your first year. Year 2 is an internal work experience placement – in the school office, with the school handy man, with our IT technician or maybe as a shadow Teaching Assistant in another class. Year 3 if possible is an external work experience – in recent times we have had students at petting zoos, train stations, cafes, museums and nurseries.

Students as Active Citizens is another theme in FE. Students have the opportunity to volunteer in the local community; carrying out gardening activities in community areas, helping at Foodbank or by painting play equipment or garden furniture at local nurseries or care homes. Students also learn about First Aid and in recent times The British Red Cross have come in to deliver the sessions and award students with certificates.

Core skills in Communication, English and Maths are practised in school and put to practical use in the community.

To enable our students to become as independent as possible we practise road safety and public transport use through a system called Travel Independence Training Across the Nation (TITAN).

Finally all the work that goes on in FE is recognised and rewarded through the national OCR Life and Living Skills Accreditation system Entry Levels 1-3. The work students do fulfills modules, which in turn earn credits and amount to a level of achievement which is rewarded with certificates that reflect the achievements at the end of their time at Harford Manor.

Take a look at our autumn term gallery to see what we have been up to:

Below you will find our Class Learning Overview for the Spring Term:

FE Class Learning Information for the Spring Term

We have created a 'Home Learning Support Sheet' for anyone in class who needs to access learning away from school at this time. On the sheet you will find activity ideas and links covering each of the school curriculum areas. For further support or information please contact your class teacher Darren in the first instance. 

F.E. Home Learning Activities