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Secondary Curriculum

Within the Secondary Department we continue to provide a nurturing environment with an increased emphasis on developing independence skills. When our students join the Secondary Department they are guided towards more age appropriate interests and making informed choices.

Key Stage 3 and 4 students are class grouped by age and learn through a topic based approach, covering the the four areas of learning, Communication and Interaction, Thinking and Problem Solving, Self-Regularion and Behaviour, and Independence. These core areas are then split into 6 learning strands, to ensure breath and depth to the curriculum. Students are provided with learning experiences which promote core skills and knowledge at an appropriate and relevant level. For some students a greater element of sensory input is required whilst maintaining sufficient breadth and balance of experience. Our priority is always the individual and how to maximise their learning.

Some Key Stage 4 students work towards accreditation through the OCR 'Life and Living Skills' programme and all have the opportunity to gain work experience by visiting our school charity shop whilst also developing valuable social, communication, literacy and numeracy skills. Further details regarding the OCR accreditation modules available and our school charity shop can be found below.

OCR Life and Living Skills Programme

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A sample of our whole school thematic curriculum planning for an academic year cycle can be seen below:

Differentiated Thematic Curriculum Planning Overview - Year One

Below you will find details of each of our secondary class's termly topic plans for the current academic year, which includes information about the learning covered in each class and some linked ideas for our families to try at home.


Secondary Department Topic Planning - 'Home Sweet Home' - Autumn 1

Secondary Department Topic Planning - 'Remember Remember' - Autumn 2


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