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Primary Curriculum

Our curriculum is purpose built for the pupils who attend Harford Manor School, it has been completely redesigned to offer a bespoke entitlement based on the needs of our pupils. We believe the priorities for our learners with severe and complex learning needs should be focused on their ability to communicate, think for themselves and problem solve, to regulate themselves and their behaviour and to be as independent as possible. Therefore we have designed a highly motivating and balanced curriculum focused on teaching our pupils to become independent and valued members of the community, at school and beyond.  Starting by developing a willingness to engage in learning activities, enabling the pupils ability to regulate themselves with decreasing support and to communicate with confidence, building resilience as they experience the wide range of activities and learning opportunities on offer to them throughout their school life.

Half termly whole school topics provide a rich engaging vehicle to ensure a breadth of knowledge, skills and experiences are accessed by all pupils at an appropriate level. To ensure we are building on previous learning there is a high level of structure and we ensure we avoid making the curriculum too abstract. We approach this by teachers linking learning to practical activities and ensuring skills learnt are functional for the pupils. This can then be consolidated and applied in practical sessions, generalised to a range of settings, with a range of people, in a variety of contexts  before we move the concepts forward to ensure true understanding rather than just rote learning. The use of the 4 year plan ensures skills are mapped across Strands and that they build on prior knowledge and learning.

Curriculum content in our Primary Department covers the four core areas of learning, Communication and Interaction, Thinking and Problem Solving, Self Regulation and Behaviour, and Independence. These core areas are then split into 6 learning strands, to ensure breath and depth to each learners experiences and key skills are covered over a 4 year thematic curriculum cycle.

Below you will find details of each of our primary class's termly topic plans, which includes information about the learning covered in each class and some linked ideas for our families to try at home.

Differentiated Thematic Curriculum Planning Overview - Year One

Differentiated Thematic Curriculum Planning Overview - Year Two

Autumn Primary Department Topic Planning - 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' - Autumn 1