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Harford Manor School


Primary Curriculum

We provide a nurturing yet challenging environment for our youngest pupils. Learning opportunities are thoroughly planned and individualised. We embrace a topic-based approach which includes opportunities for swimming, horse riding, weekly outings and build in regular opportunities to use our Soft Play facility and access our Therapy rooms to support learning when required. We have a strong emphasis on nurturing autonomous learners who develop their independence, problem solving, communication and interaction skills.

Curriculum content in our primary department covers the four core areas of learning, Communication and Interaction, Thinking and Problem Solving, Self Regulation and Behaviour, and Independence. These core areas are then split into 6 learning strands, to ensure breath and depth to each learners experiences.

Below you will find details of each of our primary class's termly topic plans for the current academic year, which includes information about the learning covered in each class and some linked ideas for our families to try at home.


Primary 'To Infinity and Beyond' Topic Information

Primary 'What a Performance' Topic Information

Primary 'Where in the World' Topic Information

Primary 'Farming' Topic Information

Primary 'Health and Body' Topic Information

Primary 'Water Water Everywhere' Topic Information