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We celebrate all kinds of achievement at Harford Manor School in lots of different ways! 

Take  a look at our achievements galleries below to see who we have been celebrating with our students recently!

Our 'Harford Manor Incredibles' for the Summer Term

Primary Department
Green Class Red Class Blue Class
Yellow Class Rainbow Class
Secondary Department
Orange Class White Class Purple Class
Lodge Indigo Class F.E.


Our M.A.G.I.C Awards!

Our MAGIC Awards have been developed to help promote wellbeing and positive mindsets for all our students. Across the school, every year our students will complete activities linked to the 5 headings or categories: 

M - Mindful 

A - Active

G - Giving

I - Interested

C - Connected

At the end of each activity / series of lessons, pupils are issued with a certificate of achievement linked to the category they have been working towards and these slowly fill a 'Record of Achievement' demonstrating their progress in each area.

Special badges to mark the 'MAGIC Levels' will be given at the end of their time in each department. Bronze when they leave the primary department, silver when they leave the secondary department and finally gold when they leave the school!