Harford Manor School

Harford Manor School


At Harford Manor we follow the National Curriculum in a way which is meaningful, engaging and fun for our learners. 

At Harford Manor, we believe pupils learn more effectively when given opportunities to explore and enhance knowledge from all subject areas through a whole school theme approach.

We have developed themes that engage pupils' imaginations. The themes are carefully constructed in order to ensure breadth and balance, to enable access and understanding at an appropriate level and to make sure that our students are motivated and inspired.  We want learning to be irresistible! 

We use a range of teaching styles to reflect the various learning preferences of our students.  We have incorporated a range of National and International approaches and interventions into our curriculum in order to ensure that it is interesting, challenging and relevant.*

We have a four year cycle, and a different theme each half term which ensures the curriculum remains motivating and engaging. A copy of this can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Thematic Curriculum Topics 2017-2021

Our thematic curriculum focuses on themes that incorporate all National Curriculum subjects and skills. We have ensured that over the four year cycle that all areas are covered and revisited

The same theme is carried on across Key Stages 1 to 4. This enables the pupils to become immersed in the theme, have whole-school activity days or workshops, and do collaborative learning with other classes.

 The class teachers ensure that topics are appropriately differentiated for by age and ability groups.

* Approaches used include:

Intensive Interaction http://www.intensiveinteraction.co.uk/
Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children (TEACCH) http://teacch.com/about-us/what-is-teacch
Talk Tools http://www.talktools.com/
Attention Autism http://www.ginadavies.co.uk/training/attention-autism
Symbol Exchange http://www.pecs-unitedkingdom.com/
Multisensory Approach http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6307038
Zones of Regulation http://www.zonesofregulation.com/index.html

 Use of iPads and iPods as communication devices is also supported throughout the school


 Phonics and Reading Schemes at Harford Manor School: