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Welcome to Cullum Lodge!

Cullum Lodge offers a tailored curriculum that gives students many different learning opportunities "A tailored curriculum that gives students many different learning opportunities on site and in the local community" on site and in the local community. Our students work on the application of the curriculum, focusing mainly on life skills, independence and communicating effectively within the wider environment. Key skills are learnt in class and then transferred into the community such as paying for a drink at a café or shopping for ingredients in a small shop or supermarket.

We aim to equip our students with the ability to begin to solve problems for themselves, prepare them for early adulthood and to encourage them to each make an active contribution as citizens in their local communities.

Take a look at the gallery below to see what we have been up to lately:


Cullum Lodge at Work and Play

 Below you will find our Class Learning Overview for our most recent topic: 

Cullum Lodge 'American Road Trip' Topic Information

We have created a 'Home Learning Support Sheet' for anyone in class who needs to access learning away from school at this time. On the sheet, you will find activity ideas and links covering each of the school curriculum areas. In the event of any requirement to self-isolate or a class closure, your teacher will be in touch directly to provide further support and learning resources.

Lodge Home Learning Support Sheet