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The Zones of Regulation

We use 'The Zones of Regulation' system throughout the whole school to help students to manage and regulate their own emotions and be ready to learn.

Information regarding 'The Zones of Regulation' and the philosophy behind this approach can be found by visiting their website using the link below:

The Zones of Regulation Website

What do the different zones look like? Check out this fun video so see some examples!



We have also shared some links and activity ideas regarding the zones system below, which we thought may be useful at home.

  • Our parents guide to The Zones of Regulation System can be found here.

Parents Guide to The Zones of Regulation

  •  One of the first things many of our students do when they arrive at school and then throughout the school day is use a 'zones check in' board to indicate how they are feeling. The video below and the linked paper resources can be used to create a similar system at home.

Creating A Zones Check-in at Home



  • Many Classes use zones cards for students to indicate the zone they are in to an adult. The versions we use at are based on the 'Inside Out' characters and can be found below.

Inside Out Zones Cards

  • Deep breathing can help pupils calm down after reaching a crisis point and the diagram below describes a breathing technique called 'The Six Sides of Breathing' which some of our pupils use.

The Six Sides of Breathing

  • There are two Apps which can be downloaded to devices containing different activities and games linked to the zones systems. Further information about these and how to download them can be found using the link below.

Zones of Regulation Apps

  •  There are many games which can be played to help develop an awareness and understanding of emotions and two of our favorites, a board game and an adapted version of 'Twister' can be found here.

Emotions Board GameEmotions Twister

  •  Below you will find a video created by one of our teachers, Hannah, demonstrating an Attention Autism based session exploring emotions and the Zones of Regulation. This can be easily recreated at home.