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Our own school information report can be found in full below: 

SEN Information Report

Harford Manor School 2023/24

This information forms part of the Norfolk Local Offer for Learners with SEN

Our School provides a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the five elements essential to positive well-being; being mindful and reflective, being active, giving back to others, being interested, learning new skills and connecting with the local and the wider community.

This SEND Information Report details the provision and support available to meet the needs of the pupils that attend Harford Manor School and is our statutory statement for the Local Offer

The best people to contact this year are: 

  • Cheryl Frost-Cordy (Headteacher and SEN Governor)
  • Cathie McLeod (Student Council Link)
  • Mark Lamb (Chair of Governors) 

At Harford Manor School all of our pupils have an EHCP which identifies a primary need of Cognition and Learning. In addition many of our pupils have co-occurring difficulties linked to their diagnosis of autism, health needs or sensory needs.

A child or young person has SEN if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for them. A child of compulsory school age or a young person has a learning difficulty or disability if they: 

  • have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age or
  • have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post-16 institutions. 

Our website ( has links to our policies and procedures and more in depth information about our schools curriculum and building including a video tour.

What we do to Support Learners with SEN at Harford Manor School?

We organise our classes according to the learning needs and styles of pupils and activities are adapted to meet individual needs.

We offer our own adapted curriculum, developed around core areas of learning, this is delivered in a half-termly topic based format to ensure teaching is engaging and learning activities are motivating for all our students.

Every teacher is then required to adapt this curriculum further to ensure each individual accesses learning appropriately within each class. 

Personalised targets and learning goals

Each pupil has personalised targets and learning goals embedded into their timetable to ensure it is focused to meet their specific needs.

These are informed by the EHCP outcomes which are co-p roduced at the annual review.

Our Teachers will use various strategies to deliver our curriculum, including:

  • The Zones of Regulation
  • Principles of the TEACCH approach
  • Visual timetables
  • Objects of Reference, Pictures or Symbols
  • iPads, laptops or other alternative recording devices and communication tools
  • Positive behaviour rewards system
  • Signalong
  • Attention Autism
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Motivators and rewards
  • Prompt Hierarchy
  • MAPP Map 

Additional support strategies and approaches are used for a number of students where this is      assessed to be of benefit, including: 

  • Music Therapy
  • Lego Therapy
  • Animal Therapy 

MAGIC Awards

These are used to ensure the pupils mental health, well-being and resilience is an area of focus each and every term as we recognise how important this is for everyone.

Each letter stands for a different area: 






By successfully completing activities, linked to these areas, pupils gain certificates which lead to medals at the end of the Primary, Secondary and Post 16 stages.

Gold Silver Bronze

Monitoring progress is an integral part of teaching and leadership within Harford Manor School.

Parents/carers, pupils and staff are involved in reviewing the impact of what we do.

All students have their progress monitored in terms of: 

  • Personalised Learning Goals (which link to Medium and Long term targets in each child’s EHCP),
  • Attendance
  • Curriculum progress.
  • Behaviour and independence
  • Communication 

Frameworks used to support the planning and assessment of pupil’s individual progress now include: 

  • The Autism Education Trust (AET) Scales
  • The Harford Steps Curriculum Strands and
  • The OCR Accreditation Modules 

All of which we believe to be more accurately represent the curriculum needs of our current pupil population and the key focus of our curriculum which is  building Foundations for Futures in order to prepare our pupils for life after school.

Further information regarding the our assessment frameworks can be found below: 

Autism Education Trust (AET) Scales Information 

Harford Steps and OCR 

We moderate our recording and assessment data with other Complex Needs Schools within and beyond the county to ensure that what we offer is in line with current best practice. 

This information is discussed with all parents at termly parents meetings with the class teacher, at the Annual Review of their child's EHCP discussed in a meeting with parents, social workers, senior leaders, and in the End of Year Report sent home in July.


Communication with parents happens on a daily basis with the class teacher either in a home/school book or via email dependent on parental choice. We are also happy for phone calls outside of teaching time or with SLT if there are any worries or concerns and additional information is sent to parents via the school office using an electronic email system whenever the school needs to communicate with parents.

Each class invites parents to come and join their child in a learning activity on a termly basis and this enables pupils to share their life at school in a truly meaningful way with families/carers.

We use translator services for weekly phone calls to those families who struggle with written communication due to the language barrier and translators are always available for meetings, whether online or face to face. 

Pupil Voice

This is extremely important and structures throughout the school continue to be developed to recognise that all our pupils regardless of their capacity for speech have a right to a voice.

Specialist resources at the school

We have specialist resources at the school which are used by our own students and can also be used by individuals and small groups of children from our local schools and community. These are:

A soft play room with a ball pool A Therapy room, with Occupational Therapy and sensory resources
A Trim-trail An in-ground trampoline
Outdoor fitness equipment A hydrotherapy pool
School buses which enable us to access the community frequently


Additional Support

  • We have Speech and Language Therapy services commissioned by the Local Authority to support our pupils.
  • Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Sensory Support advice and support is available to the pupils when included in the Education, Health and Care Plan.
  • With discussion with families we can request support from Starfish or Starfish Plus if our pupils behaviour or mental health needs require this intervention, support referrals to social services or short breaks
  • Paediatric Clinics are regularly held at the school for those pupils who are under the care of a paediatrician (organised by health service)
  • We have high levels of staffing within our classes across the school This currently equates to a maximum of 12 pupils per class with one teacher, one higher level teaching assistant and up to four teaching assistants to each class based on needs within the class. 

The school runs Close Links (Charity Shop) in the local community, which exists solely to enable our students (from KS4/above) to gain work based skills and have a positive role within the local community.

Work tasks at the shop vary according to each individual's skills and aptitudes, but underpinning  everything, is the drive to ensure that our students are valued and can become 'active citizens'. For some of our pupils we recognise that spending time within the confines of the shop is not suitable and the work based offer for these pupils is linked to upcycling and craft projects which they can complete on the school site (either in the workshop or even their own classroom if needed) with the results then sold.



This is a part of life for all learners.  This can be transitions throughout the day, to a new class in school, having a new teacher, moving on to another school, or even when you leave school and move on to a training provider or other setting. Planning for transition is a part of our provision for all learners. Harford Manor School is committed to working in partnership with children, families and other providers to ensure positive transitions occur for all our young people.

Currently all Harford Manor existing pupils are guaranteed a place in the school until the end of Year 14 if this continues to be an appropriate placement and is what the pupil and parents wish to happen. All Year 9 pupils will be advised to seek a referral to the PfAL (Preparing for Adult Life) team in order to support the transition to Adult Services although an allocated worker is unlikely to be placed until the pupil is 17.

We are keen to engage with whole families and have decided to move away from the focus being on just parents to a wider families brief recognising that often grandparents, aunts, uncles and even older siblings are involved and should be welcomed into the school community. 

The Friends of Harford Manor School

Are an active parents group who fundraise for the school and also organise social events. They are always keen to have more parents join them and have an active Facebook page. 

Friends of Harford Manor Facebook Page

 Some of our staff are involved in supporting colleagues in mainstream schools, in order to help   in the education of children with special educational needs who are currently being educated in local primary and secondary schools through an LA funded scheme called 'School to School Support' (S2S) 


These are available with the Harford Manor Logo on although this is optional at all ages and ensuring the pupils comfort is always the priority.


Transport to and from school is available for the majority of pupils from the Local Authority via your child’s EHCP co-ordinator. (Restrictions exist around living close to the school) This is not organised, overseen or managed by Harford Manor School.

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